WordPress Website Security with SSL Certificate
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WordPress Website Security with SSL Certificate

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WordPress Website Security with SSL Certificate

It is not surprising that almost 27% of the internet is being overwhelmed with wonderful WordPress websites. It is difficult to imagine our world without blogs and websites. With the ever-increasing technological development, expectations on new trend exceed the WordPress and PHP code. Do you ever talk about securing the WordPress website?


Well, there are lots of plugin out there, which claims to promote security but I don’t think so… The reason why techiest uses iControlWP is that it makes your WordPress website more and more secure. Importing this security is not that easy; however, it would take some time and effort to implement good security features on each and every site. By the way, which is essential to access control.


  • Make sure that your reset the WordPress Authentication keys and salts regularly.
  • It is essential to rename the WordPress database table prefix.


iControl will take care of these issues and try to solve these to some extent. WordPress is always up for secured code with SSL and HTTPS. So, it is must to enable either SSL or WordPress on your WordPress admin.


What’s the 1st thing you need to know about WordPress Admin and SSL?

To secure SSL logins to your website, you should make sure that the website has an SSL certificate. If your WordPress website doesn’t have this basic SSL certificate, it is not going to work anyway. However, you can create a self-signed SSL certificate to prevent the loss of data.


If you are a WordPress Admin, you can use this SSL certificate and the members of your website cannot have access to this site. Having a valid SSL certificate installed on your website makes much sense when it comes to secure your WordPress website.


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In general, the URL form for presenting the WordPress login form starts from HTTPS://. Hence, you will face issues if you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your WordPress website. Installing a valid SSL certificate is not that easy yet it can be installed after passing verification certificate.


If you don’t have a valid SSL certificate, chances are that your username, passwords, and another login credential can be readable by others who are keenly looking at the traffic. So, securing your WordPress website without an SSL certificate is much difficult today.

WordPress Security Option 2: Force Admin Over SSL

Do you want to enable the Force SSL security options on the WordPress website? if you have enabled this option, chances are that the WordPress site forces the WordPress Admin area to serve the things with SSL over HTTPS. It makes much sense when it comes to secure the site yet you will need an SSL certificate to prevent further issues.


So, iControlWP is the pretty easiest way to handle any kind of WordPress security options. Once you flick the switch, it can make essential changes for each and every page of your website.

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