Top 10 Certificate Authorities in 2023 - A Complet List

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In the present time, people live most of their lives online. They try to find out everything thing on the internet, even the smallest item. For example – payment of bills, online meetings, online shopping, recharges, etc. Various tasks become easier, faster, and more practical via online mode.


The work through online mode will be more interactive and real-time. But the main point is that there is a dangerous side effect also of using online platforms. The information may be hacked which users put for doing any work. The one that secures the user’s information is the SSL certificate.


The Certificate Authorities can issue an SSL certificate that secures there as well as user’s information from cybercrime attacks.


1. Sectigo

Sectigo has an SSL certificate solution for anybody. It provides certificate security from home to office and e-commerce as well as enterprises. This company is trusted by almost all browsers and also it offers 256-bit encryption. They provide a reasonable time of warranty, unlimited server license, and expert phone support.


The Sectigo DV SSL certificate can be installed in minutes and its package starts from $79 per year. It is one of the most trusted certificate companies in the whole world. The Sectigo SSL certificate comes with various handy tools that can be used very quickly.

List of Sectigo SSL Certificates


2. Comodo

One of the largest SSL certificate providers to small and medium business companies. It protects customer transactions and also very cost-effective. The price of the Comodo SSL certificate starts from $7.27 per year. It provides excellent support to the customers.


The validation of the certificate may take some time. The ‘point-to-verify’ technology is a unique feature offered by Comodo. It helps in showing the real-time view to your customers and the verification of your business credentials. It provides the protection of 256-bit encryption and a prominent level of security to the customers with 2048 bit signatures. This Certificate Authorities also give you the 30-day money-back guarantee, TrustLogo seal, and free SSL certificate management tools.

List of Comodo SSL Certificates


3. Digicert

It is an American company certificate provider which was found in 2003. Digicert provides encryption solutions for websites and the Internet of Things (IoT). The best advantage of Digicert SSL certificate company is it reissues a free certificate for the lifetime on unlimited servers.


The Digicert certificate is costly as the starting price of the company is $188 per year. Most of the web browsers, mail systems, and mobile devices have full faith in this company. It provides 256-bit encryption. The Digicert SSL certificate is used by multinational companies like IBM, Verizon, etc. It is one of the highly popular certificate providers of companies.

List of Digicert SSL Certificates


4. Symantec

All over the world, Symantec provides cybersecurity software and services and it is a Fortune 500 company. It will be able to secure our website with 256-bit encryption. It also provides a feature that helps to safeguard your website from malicious and dangerous infections automatically.


It provides one of the most trusted seals named Norton secured seal on their SSL certificates. It is not supported by TLS 1.3 version. The SSL certificate price of Symantec company starts from $340 per year.

List of Symantec SSL Certificate


5. Global Sign

Global Sign SSL certificate Provider Company was established in 1996. It is the most well-known and best certificate provider in the web industry in India. It provides certificates to all the business size, automates the authentication and encryption, and manages online communication. It gives encryption by using SHA-256. Global Sign certificate price starts from $249 per year.


Whenever you want to cancel or reissue the certificate, then Global Sign will do it immediately and at any time. It will not give you the money-back guarantee benefit. The SEO ranking on Google can be boosted by Global Sign certificate.

List of Globalsign SSL Certificate


6. Thawte

40% of the global SSL market is an account by Thawte Certificate Authorities. It is protecting identities and transactions in over 240 countries. Thawte SSL certificate price starts from $149 per year. It is again one of the cost-effective certificate provider companies. It offers 256-bit encryption.


It consists of excellent certificate management tools. It can be installed in as many servers as you want without any extra charge. In case you have upgraded or made some changes in your server then you can reissue the SSL certificate from Thawte for free. There will be a variety of certificate plans according to your need and demand.

List of Thawte SSL Certificate


7. Geotrust

Geotrust is the second-largest SSL certificate provider in the whole world. It is providing an SSL certificate in over 150 countries. Geotrust SSL certificate price starts from $149 per year. It provides the encryption of 256-bit. Geotrust is a high-quality SSL certificate and trusted by many companies.


It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee feature. They offer a variety of features like browser compatibility, unlimited server license, good warranty period, and many more. The installation of the Geotrust SSL certificate can take up to 1-3 days.

List of Geotrust SSL Certificate


8. is one of the most affordable Certificate Authorities in the World. It provides the highest protection to one or multiple sites. They give 24/7 customer support and a 30-day refund back guarantee.


This will also give the reissues of the certificates for free for the lifetime. The certificate price starts from as low as $36.75 per year. The certificate is suitable for those who are planning to start a small business.

List of Certificates


9. Rapid SSL

Rapid SSL Certificate authorities is an impressively cheap certificate provider. Its price starts from $14.95 per year. It is one of the most affordable certificates out of all. It also offers a 30-day return back guarantee. Rapid SSL secures and encrypts multiple servers without any additional cost.


It has working experience with over 4,00,000 websites. It is at number 4 position globally as a recognized brand. There are various price and features options of Rapid SSL certificate which can choose according to your need and demand.

List of RapidSSL Certificates


10. GoDaddy

Almost everyone knows that GoDaddy is the biggest domain registration company. The GoDaddy SSL certificate price starts from $59.99 per year. It provides excellent security and encryption to the website. It will not offer free renewals and charge extra costs for renewals of certificates. It will provide 24/7 customer support, SHA-2, and 2048-bit encryption. It will also give a 30-day money-back guarantee.

List of Godaddy SSL Certificate

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