What is Cloudflare SSL Certificate & How to Install CloudFlare SSL?
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What is Cloudflare SSL Certificate & How to Install it?

How to Enable Free SSL Certificate From CloudFlare

The full model of SSL encryption provides from end-users to Cloudflare and from its origin server. On your origin server, an SSL certificate is required. There is 3 option for installing the server in full SSL mode: one is issued by a Certificate Authority (CA), one is issues by Cloudflare (Origin CA), and last is a self-signed certificate. It is recommended that you should always use a certificate that is obtained through Cloudflare Origin CA.


Depending on the level of security requires and the amount of configuration you need the different modes of Cloudflare SSL to operate accordingly. The end-users’ traffic will always be encrypted which means your website will still enjoy the benefits of HTTPS. There can be a variety of ways through which traffic between Cloudflare and origin server can be configured.

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The end-users’ data on your website is encrypted in flexible SSL traffic from Cloudflare but not from Cloudflare to your origin server. This way is one of the easiest of enabling HTTPS on your origin without any installation requirement of an SSL certificate. It is not as secure as other option but flexible SSL helps in protecting your visitors from large scale threats including public Wi-Fi snooping and ad injection over HTTP.


Origin CA does not use the certificate issued by the Certificate Authority (CA). It uses a Cloudflare-issued SSL certificate. The friction and configuring SSL on your origin server is reduced and also still secure the traffic from your origin to Cloudflare. You can generate a signed certificate in the Cloudflare dashboard instead of issuing a certificate signed by the CA.


HTTPS issued of the websites will be count as a ranking factor after the announcement of Google. The websites using HTTPS will be a higher chance you include in the ranking list of Google. Previously for using HTTPS the websites need to issue an SSL certificate and install that by yourself. But now because of Cloudflare, it will become easy. Cloudflare releases a free version of this through websites that can use HTTPS as it exactly does the same job to set up the website.

Setting up free Cloudflare Flexible SSL

  1. Open Cloudflare and sign up
  2. Select the free plan option
  3. Add the domain name
  4. Once you have registered and your domain name is set up then click on your domain name
  5. Click on Crypto that is present in the top row of icons
  6. Select flexible SSL option

After completing all the steps your request has been forward for a flexible SSL certificate from Cloudflare. It will take approx. 15 minutes in the issuing of the certificate.

Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin

For enabling the flexible SSL on WordPress the plugin is essential. This will prevent loops that can be infinite and redirect surfing.

WordPress HTTPS Plugin

If all plugins and links of the websites are already HTTPS, then there is no need for this plugin. Most people’s websites are not linking to HTTPS to this plugin help them to make changes all to HTTPS.

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Configure WordPress HTTPS Plugin’s settings

  1. Visit the plugin settings
  2. Click on the proxy settings and select Yes
  3. Click on the save option

Instruct Cloudflare to deliver content via HTTPS

  1. Go back to Cloudflare
  2. Select your domain name
  3. Select page rule in the top row of icons
  4. Turn on the option of “always use HTTPS”
  5. In between two asterisks add your domain name as a page rule
  6. Click on add rule

Check flexible SSL Cloudflare is working

Visit your website in a browser and check that the green lock is showing on the top left of your address bar. If it’s showing, then flexible SSL Cloudflare is working.

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