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Understanding TLS/SSL by Getting into the Details

Now that we have a basic understanding of what TLS and SSL are let’s get into the details and get to know the varied nuances of these layers. With every passing day TLS and SSL are becoming a necessity; the more you know about it the better for you and your online business. With an intricate understanding of these layers, you will be able to implement them better, take better care and keep them on their level best everytime.


While hosting companies assist with SSL installation and maintenance but the knowledge of varied nuances will only enable you to make better decisions. Let’s go through the everything step by step:


Encryption: Well! Needless to say, but SSL and TLS are all about protecting and transmitting data from one source to another without getting them hacked or accessed by unauthorized personnel. Encryption is how it’s done. Encryption is the process, where all the data are converted into an undecipherable language and then transmitted online.


Only authorized entities can decode these languages and make use of the transmitted data. Encryption has solved a lot of innocuous problems; they have safeguarded data, avoided identity theft and prevented resource theft as well.


Why is encryption important?

  • Third parties accessing data can alter and make loss happen
  • Data can be used for thug activities
  • The end beneficiary can be modified and resources can be diverted to a different entity or non-authorized personnel


Symmetric Encryption: Now that we know what encryption is and why it is important, let’s have a look at the type of encryption in the contemporary world. In simple words, Symmetric Encryption can be defined as the process where the same key is used for both encryption and decryption.


Relying on symmetric encryption will help businesses speed up their processes and achieve the requisite speed. This is perhaps the fastest symmetric encryption option available.


For example: If Andrew encrypts a data with a key while sending it to John, Andrew will have to share the same key with John so that he can decrypt the data at his end. If there are more than two entities involved then the same key will be shared with everyone, which is a major drawback.


Why so many people rely on symmetric encryption? 

  • It is safe
  • Usages less resources, which makes it affordable
  • Suitable for transmission between lesser number of people
  • Relies on a very simplified procedure


Why is symmetric encryption not the ideal way of encrypting and transmitting data?

In symmetric encryption, the same key used to encrypt data is used to decrypt data, which makes it compulsory to share the key with every shareholder. Sharing key at multitude players can lead to the leak. The leaked key then can be used for the benefits of many.


Asymmetric Encryption:

Popularly known as Public Key Cryptography, this encryption type makes use of two keys for encryption and decryption. The two keys used in asymmetric encryption are known as Public Key and Private Key. One of these keys is used for encryption while the other is used for decryption.


As the name suggests, Public Key is available with every shareholder while the Private Key relies on the Server. The one on the receiving end of the data will make use of Private Key for decrypting data.


Why is asymmetric encryption so popular among the webmasters?

  • One can verify the sender with the help of public key
  • The keys can be easily shared with multiple shareholders. The number of shareholders can be increased without being worried about the loss or unauthorized access of data.
  • Security is of the highest level, which provides webmasters with the peace of mind. Thousands of e-commerce websites are receiving and sending payment by making use of asymmetric encryption


What are some reasons that make people rely on symmetric encryption and not asymmetric encryption?

  • Requires a lot of resources, which indirectly increases the cost of operation
  • When compared to symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption is found to be slow and time taking. Involvement of two different keys for encrypting and decrypting increases the time taken for completing a procedure.


What are other minor terminologies that make an SSL/TLS work efficiently?

Ciphers: In layman, these can be defined as the regulations, which are used for encryption and decryption of data. Ciphers are algorithms, which carries out the entire process of encryption and decryption.


Message Authentication Code: This code is responsible for establishing the authenticity of data and sender. They use tags to check whether the data has been altered or not. If the MAC tag from the sender and MAC Tag from receiver matches then the message is authentic and has not been manipulated.


Hash-Based Message Authentication Code: Very similar to MAC but Hash-Based message Authentication Code usages Hash technique. It also verifies the authenticity of the message by cross-checking the MAC Tag of sender and receiver.


Block Ciphers: AES, RC5, 3DES and Blowfish are some of the most popular Block Ciphers. In this technique, the entire data is split into a length, which is later encrypted. In case the length of data is small and doesn’t reach the standard length then PADDING is used to fill up the non-filled space.


Padding: The technique used to make Block Ciphers an efficient functioning technique. It is used to fill up the block ciphers if their length is not standard.



SSL and TSL are non-negotiable for businesses today; any business be it small or giant in revenue if it takes online payment needs to have the requisite SSL certificate installed. With the help of these varied types of encryptions, they can ensure their customers that their data is safe and is not accessed by unauthorized personnel.


The understanding of these terminologies and basic nomenclature related to varied terms of SSL and TSL will allow business owners and Webmasters to ask for better services and security. The intricate knowledge will push businesses into a direction where they are able to build a safer communication channel for themselves and their customers from around the world.

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