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When the business owner is using internal LAN-only services or doing some testing in a small business then self-signed certificates may be used by the business owner. The certificate which is signed by the person whose identity needs to be certified by that certificate company is called a self-signed certificate. During the procedure of signing the certificate, the holder or owner only signs the private key and not any other trusted certificate authority (CA). In Mozilla Firefox, an error message can occur showing Mozilla_Pkix_Error_Self_Signed_Cert but you need to worry because this error message occurs in the browser due to some reasons:

  • Whenever self-signed certificates are being used.
  • Whenever CA’s are used which cannot be trusted.

This error message that occurs on Mozilla Firefox means that the web browser cannot trust the SSL certificate or the browser Mozilla Firefox doesn’t know about the signing person of the certificate that is why they cannot trust the website. 

How to Fix Mozilla_Pkix_Error_Self_Signed_Cert Issue?

It is highly recommended to buy SSL/TLS certificate from a good certificate provider and trusted certificate authority (CA). The security and protection of the device become weak if you ignore any error-related issue of the SSL/TLS certificate. The sensitive information such as name, passwords, phone number, address, etc., may at risk of sharing with other people. There are some steps that need to be followed for getting a solution of this error problem in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Enable Network, Strict Transport Security, & Preload list
  2. SSL State should be cleared
  3. Ignore the Error by Clicking on “Accept the Risk and Continue”

Step 1: Enable Network, Strict Transport Security & Pro load List

If the error is displaying in the Mozilla Firefox browser, then start to solve it by first typing about:config in the address bar. An option comes ‘network.stricttransportsecurity.preloadlist’. Now check the last field value, if it is True then change it to False and restart the browser. If this will not solve the problem, then go for another solution.


Step 2: SSL State should be cleared

In Mozilla Firefox, click on the windows search bar, select Internet options, and then Internet properties. After that, select the Content option and tab on the Clear SSL State option. After the completion, a message display showing “The SSL cache was successfully cleared”.


Step 3: Ignore the Error by Clicking on “Accept the Risk and Continue”

When the error message displays on the screen then click on the Advanced option. After that Click on the “Accept the Risk and Continue” option which will take to forward to the website.


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