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Everything You Need to Know About SHA-256 SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are the security Certificate that enhances your visitor’s security when visiting your site. But what is ‘SHA-256’. Now it is a technical term that sometimes confuses us while dealing with the SSL Certificates. SHA is a type of hashing algorithm, in order to break down its meaning to you let’s acknowledge ourselves about ‘Hashing ALogrithm’.

What is Hashing Algorithm?

Hashing Algorithm is a method of pressing the computer file into data blocks with a selected length, making it easier for storing. Thus, the files take less memory area, and however, it helps in storing giant files. Now to get a clear idea of the Hahing Algorithm we need to understand the terms Hashing and Hash functions.


Hashing Definition

Hashing is the process of constructing the input data into a definite size(called hash values), so it gets easier for the system to perform functions on that like comparison and then storing that data. Hashed data has a grip over encrypted or encoded data, that it can not be accessed simply because it cannot be de-hashed easily. Hashing functions are the kind of functions that transforms information with random length into mounted length string. here are a few characteristics of hashing functions IS Irreversibility, like a string cannot be generated from the hash value but a string can generate a hash value, moreover they are quick in providing the desired output.

SHA stands for the secure hash algorithm. This hashing algorithm has different bits lengths. There are SHA-256, SHA-512, and a few more.

What is an SHA-256 SSL certificate?

The working principle of the SSL Certificate is Public key infrastructure. Now, we are aware of the fact that the SSL Certificates are sanctioned by the certificates authorities. This is where the Hashing algorithm comes to play. For the sanctioning process, the Certificate authorities are required to attest it with their signatures while issuing it. Now that signature is done on the Hash of the certificate.

Now, in hashing, if the hash value has been tampered then the whole value is regenerated. So, if in any case, any traducer tries to access your SSL Certificate, and then the changes in it. This will cause the change in the hash and which will further change the signature, and when any client’s browser tries to make the connection with your web server. It will check the tampered signatures with the original one and thus will result in the invalidation of the certificate thus your certificate will be revoked and the client’s browser will be no longer available to transfer any data with your web server. Now, let’s dig a little into the working of this SHA working so to get a clear understanding of the subject.

Working of SHA-256

Firstly, data is split into mounted lengths(also known as data blocks) as a result of Hash operates will solely process the data once it’s divided into fixed-length data blocks.

Secondly, SHA256 Hashing Algorithm gives the output with the hash function and that hash value is 256 bits long. Within the operating of the hashing algorithm, all the input data as aforesaid earlier is divided into data blocks of fixed length then the padding technique is employed.

Under the padding technique, the output of the first data block goes in with the input of the second block and the process goes on according to a number of data blocks that are present hence at the end of the procedure we receive Hash Value with a specified length.

So, whenever we will talk about SHA-256 SSL Certificate, we will come across two terms, namely,



Now, SHA1 is the Secure Hash Algorithm, which is 160 bits long whereas SHA2 is basically the SHA-256 algorithm, which is 256 bits long. With the increasing technology, SHA1 has taken a dim view over SHA2. It is because SHA2 has covered all the safety holes, that was left open by SHA1. Moreover, these algorithms are totally different from each other.

Thus, SHA256 is nothing, but however, it is the SHA2 algorithmic rule using 256-bit length. The term SHA256 SSL Certificate is used in order to point out the SSL Certificate that uses the SHA2 algorithm. Make sure you have the updated version of the SHA2 SSL Certificates because some browsers do not support it, so in that case troubleshoot the error. If you are unable to establish secure connections, then check for expired SHA1 SSL certificates and replace them with the updated SHA2 certificate. The browser will start to show the warning messages when either you have an expired SHA1 SSL Certificate or an outdated SHA2 certificate.

Lastly, if the safety is taken into consideration, then SHA-256 is quite secure to use and it would provide a secure connection between the servers and will protect your IP address and person information is safely locked away under this algorithm. You could avail yourself of this SHA-256 certificate at any legitimate certificate authority.

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