How to SSL certificate on Synology NAS? A Complete Guide
SSL certificate on Synology NAS

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How to Install an SSL certificate on Synology NAS?

SSL Installation Process on Synology NAS

Note: In this aide, we’ll utilize as an example name. At the point when you complete CSR code age and SSL activation, and download the SSL Certificate to your account, they will be named after your own site.


SSL Synology NASStage 1: Security Panel

Sign in to your Synology NAS. Pick Security from the Control Panel menu.


Security Panel


Stage 2: Add New Certificate

In the Security tab, select the Add choice starting from the drop menu.



Actually take a look at the Add a new certificate and snap Next.


Add a new certificate


If it’s not too much trouble, note: You can utilize the Replace an existing certificate choice assuming you really want to reinstall a reissued or renewal SSL, or import another one. For this situation, pick the Certificate you might want to replace and click Next.


Stage 3: Apply the SSL Files

On the accompanying screen, mark the Import certificate checkbox and click Next.


Import certificate


Then, utilize the Browse buttons to transfer the corresponding Private (.key), Certificate (.crt) and Intermediate certificate (.ca-bundle) files from your PC. When done, hit OK.


SSL Import

That is it! Your site is currently secure and open by means of https://.


You’ll see the SSL is recorded in the Certificate tab of the Control Panel:

Certificate tab

Secure Services

You can interface the installed certificate to the services accessible in the Configure menu. Follow the model in the picture beneath:


When done, the progressions will be reflected in Certificate tab too:


Certificate tab


How to Redirect http to https in Synology NAS?

Today, Google requires all sites to be https://as a matter of course. You can set up a automated redirect from http://to https://for your site by means of your Synology NAS Control Panel by doing the accompanying:

In the main Control board menu, select the Network tab and afterward the DSM Settings tab.

Mark Automatically redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS and snap Apply. That is it, you’re good to go at this point!

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