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OCSP and CRL : A Complete Comparison Guide

What is a Digital Certificate?  A digital certificate is a virtual encryption protocol that demonstrates the genuinity of a server, device or or...

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Use of Subject Alternative Name Field by Browsers in SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate? A virtual certificate that is intended for the authentication of the identity of a web page is known as an SSL certif...

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Malware Scanning: How to Scan Your Devices for Viruses?

What is Malware?   A ‘malware’ (contraction for ‘malicious software’) is a program that is specifically created for malicious intent...

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What is a Smurf Attack

Network Firewall: Importance of Using Firewall to Remove Threats

What does the term network firewall mean? Intranets in particular are protected by network firewalls, which are security tools intended to preven...

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ev ssl

Extended Validation Certificate: Working and Uses

EV SSL Certificate Meaning A certificate that complies with X.509 standards and is signed by a certificate authority key authorized to issue EV c...

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