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HTTP 408

HTTP 408: How to Fix the Timeout Error?

When you go to a website on the internet, you use a web browser to get there. The stateless protocol HTTP (“Hypertext Transfer ProtocolR...

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ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID: understand and fix the error

When using the internet, safety comes first. The GDPR is not the only law protecting internet users from misuse and data theft; ongoing advanceme...

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“ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”: How to Fix this DNS Error in the Google Chrome Browser

The internet allows you access to an almost infinite number of different websites. To access a certain online project, all you need is an interne...

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always on ssl

“Always-on SSL” (AOSSL): How to Enable It?

We are all acquainted with the SSL Certificates and how they provide protection to our data online. Well, just installing the SSL certificate doe...

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shopify error

Tips to Avoid Common Shopify Mistakes

Shopify is an online merchandising platform, for people who have long to start their own business, this platform provides you the opportunity to ...

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