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Client certificate vs server certificate

What is the Difference Between a Client Certificate and Server Certificate?

In today’s digital world, we one way or another depend on the internet for many things. Be it internet shopping, searching for recipes of our f...

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hashing vs encryption

What is the Difference between Hashing and Encryption?

Hashing, encryption these words seem more complex and challenging to understand even when we heard them, right? But don’t worry; there is nothi...

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What is Vishing

What is Vishing? And How to Protect from it?

All of us at least ones got that phone call telling us we won the lottery of million dollars but when we try to get that so-called winning money ...

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What is Cloudflare SSL Certificate & How to Install it?

The full model of SSL encryption provides from end-users to Cloudflare and from its origin server. On your origin server, an SSL certificate is r...

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How to send encrypted emails

How to Send Encrypted Email on Outlook, Gmail, iOS, & Android

With the rise of the internet, our world started growing a lot faster, a lot bigger. The Internet made everything easier to be it sending some fi...

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