Best Ways to Restore Old Green Lock Icon and Not Secure Message in Mozilla
Restore Old Green Lock Icon and Not Secure Message in Mozilla

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How to Restore Old Green Lock Icon and Not Secure Message in Mozilla?

Some differences can be noticed in the URL bar of the updated version of Mozilla Firefox that is Firefox 70.0. The green address bar will not be visible anymore in the latest version of Firefox on the HTTPS websites. Now the icon bar is not in green color, it is changed to grey color. The visible trust indicator on the EV enables website is the company’s name which has gone in the latest version URL of Mozilla Firefox and also for HTTP websites a message of not secure is no more displayed.

Learn! How to Restore?

  • Green lock icon
  • Name of organization displayed on Extended Validation (EV) enabled websites.
  • Not secure messages on non-HTTPS sites.

Great Green Lock Icon Back Again

Mozilla Firefox has the option to take back the old green lock icon back in the URL bar but by default, these options are not enabled. You need to do some tweaks and tricks to enable the green lock icon again in the Mozilla Firefox in “about config” settings.

What is About:config in Mozilla Firefox?

A configuration editor is about:config which you have to put in Mozilla Firefox. It is present in the application settings which is also known as preferences and can read from prefs.js and user.js profile file along with the application. You need to type about config in the URL bar of Mozilla Firefox for accessing this preference. Click on the “I accept the risk” after accessing. The page will start loading in the browser. Add “false” value for restoring the green lock icon in the address bar after changing “security.secure_connection_icon_color_gray”.

  • Open about:config in the Mozilla Firefox.
  • Hit enter button after typing security.secure_connection_icon_color_gray in the address bar of Mozilla Firefox and change True value into False.

Restore Organization Name Displayed on EV Enabled Websites

The value of the green padlock showing “security.identityblock.show_extended_validation should change to True for restoring the security indicator of an extended validated SSL/TLS certificate.

  • Open about:config in the Mozilla Firefox.
  • Hit Enter button after typing security.show_extended_validation and change the value to True.

Restore Not Secure Message on Non-HTTPS Sites

A crossed-out lock icon displays on the non-HTTPS websites of the current Mozilla Firefox latest version 7.0. It will not show a message of Not Secure. Change the value to True after entering “security.insecure_connection_text.enable” in the search bar of the URL bar of Mozilla Firefox.

  • Go to Mozilla Firefox and type about:config.
  • Enter in the search bar “security.insecure_connection_text.enable” and change False value to True.

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