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Invalid SSL Certificate Error

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How to Solve Invalid SSL Certificate Error? A Complete Guide

In the present time, a website is quite the norm. Almost all people are dependent on websites and technology not for large things but also for the smallest things. More people are using websites so the number of cyber-attacks is increasing day-by-day. The main target of cyber-attackers is small businesses. Most of the businessman is aware of the cyber-attacks so they take some precaution regarding the same.

The browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also start giving some warning messages to the website visitors and users so that their information will be protected. For example – If the website is not encrypted by the SSL/TLS certificate then the browser shows the error message to the user. 

Importance of SSL/TLS Certificate

A website needs to secure and encrypt its websites with SSL/TLS certificate and everyone should aware of it. The website will show an error like “Not secure” if it is not secured with SSL/TLS certificate. The installed SSL should be correct otherwise it will show error or warning message to the users and this can give a poor and negative impact on the users as well as they try not to visit your website. This can ultimately reduce your revenue and reputation. 


What is an Invalid SSL certificate error?

There are so many different types of errors that can be shown by a website but an Invalid SSL certificate error is related to the issue on the website in which the SSL certificate is installed. This error message will be seen when the browser is not able to determine the SSL certificate on the website and show problems related to data security.

Generally, it means that the SSL certificate which is installed is not trustworthy and can cause dangerous effects on the site. The installed SSL certificate name is not registered in the Certificate Authority (CA) that is why the browser is failing to recognize. Some of the popular trusted SSL certificates registered in CA are Comodo, Sectigo, DigiCert, etc.


Reasons for the Invalid SSL Certificate Error

  • The browser will show the error of an invalid SSL certificate if the domain name mismatch in the address bar from the user side. The user should have the right domain name or URL while accessing any website so that error of SSL certificate will not be appearing on the screen.
  • The browser will show an invalid SSL certificate error if the user’s certificate is self-signed or installed by an unknown trusted source. This problem can be solved by installing the SSL certificate from a valid and trusted authority.
  • One of the exceptional cases is when the website is not having a correct format of SSL certificate so invalid SSL certificate error will be shown.
  • The purchase SSL certificate at the time of installation gets misconfigured then the correct HTTPS version will not be available. In this case, if you try to visit the website the error will appear.
  • The details of the SSL certificate are incorrect or you have purchased it illegally then also invalid SSL certificate error comes.
  • Antivirus or Firewall may also show the interruption in the connection of SSL so you have to disable it.


Implications in Invalid SSL certificate error

The serious implications of invalid SSL certificate error are:

  • The channel of communication between the server and the client will not be encrypted anymore due to this error. The information will be visible in clear text at the time of transfer.
  • The sensitive data like login details and user ID can be hacked by the attacker in any session ID.
  • The website will be treated like malicious and harmful for information and impact negatively in front of the users as well as damage the reputation of the company.


How to Fix Invalid SSL Certificate Error?

  1. Problem diagnosis with online tools

For identifying the cause of the problem of an SSL certificate error, you can use an online tool for your website. For example – SSL checker, SSL server test, etc. It will help to verify the expiration of the installed SSL certificate in which domain name should be listed correctly. Copy the address of your website and paste it on the tool site search bar.


  1. Install an intermediate certificate on a web browser

In the case of untrusted SSL certificate authority, you should always have an intermediate option for your web browser so that you can install that at the time of emergency. You should follow a step-by-step tutorial for installing the SSL certificate and it will be from a valid certification authority.


  1. New CSR

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is the server that you have to regenerate and reissue from the certificate provider. This step can be taken when the error is showing again. The different server has different steps to follow at the time of installation.


  1. Disable Antivirus

The antivirus software may also cause an error of invalid SSL certificate and interrupt the connection. The antivirus can block the website and you can face the problem of error. The website should be unblocking from the antivirus or firewall.


  1. Clear caches and cookies

The history of internet browsing will be saved in your system in the form of cookies and caches. You have to clear out all those caches and cookies so that system will work properly and invalid SSL certificate error may also resolve.


  1. Change all URLs to HTTPs

If the web pages are showing the mixed content error of the SSL certificate, then you should change the URL of the website into HTTPs. This will secure the website more and may resolve the issue. 


  1. Renew SSL certificate

If you have tried all the methods to resolve invalid SSL certificate error and nothing solves the issue, then you should opt for the last option which is renewing the SSL certificate. Also, check for the expiration date of your SSL certificate. The renewing of the certificate solves all the problems of error. 

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