Err_connection_refused | Best Ways to Fix ERR CONNECTION REFUSED Error in Chrome
How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error in Chrome

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How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in chrome

During web browsing often chrome display a message which reads “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”. So before I dive into solution to your problem, first we are going to address the root of the problem.  

Well,  this error is usually shown by port with which you are actually trying to connect. In simpler words chrome is denying you access to the site which you are trying to connect.  


It can be really irritating sometimes,  but if you are facing these issues with chrome then it clearly signifies that your system is corrupted by malware,  viruses, fire walls, virus protection software or uncleared Google Chrome cache.  


But sometimes this error can pop up due to error in site too, which is when you DNS look-up fails so the webpage is not available. Well, if you are facing this problem too often then here we are going to talk about the ways in which you can resolve this issue.  


Ways to fix this problem 


Solution#1: check proxy settings 

Many times you proxy server refuses the connections. So,  if you sever is working on a proxy server then you need to reconfigure your setting because it could be a major rock hindering all the connections.  


It may be due to the reason because proxy refused  connection because it does not have a lifetime of online connections.  


Now,  you can resolve this problem easily by following these steps: 

  1. Open your chrome. 
  2. Go to the “settings”. 
  3. Open the advanced setting option and now scroll down and click on the option of “change proxy settings.”  
  4. Now open the connection tabs 
  5. In it you would find an option of LAN settings. Now change the automatically detect settings.  
  6. Now, start your browser again, your connection have been restored by now.  


Solution#2: check your internet connection 

sometimes this problem may have arisen due to faulty internet connection.  So you can resolve this problem by restarting your internet connection. So unplugging your router.  Well, bit the chances that this solution might work are probably low.   


After trying this method if the problem still persists,then you should check for other probable cause of the problem.  


Solution#3: clear the cache or browser history 


Chrome tends to keep a history of all your searches. So,  when these caches become outdated or gets expired it tends to block the connection to the server. So, to avoid this problem, make sure you clear your browsing history regularly.  

Solution#4: change your manual settings to automatic settings 

Even after trying all these things if your problem is still not resolved. Then you can opt this method. 

So, all you need to do is change your manual IP address to automatic IP address. Follow the given steps if you are thinking to opt this method: 


  1. Open network connection settings 
  2. In it you would find an option of “ethernet”, click on it.  
  3. Then open HTTP4 option.  
  4. Now, change your manual setting by clicking on “obtain IP address automatically” and “obtain DNS server address automatically” 
  5. Now,  try again to start your browser. By now your issue must have been resolved.  


Solution#5: change your IP address and clear the DNS cache 

Changing your IP address might also solve this issue to an extent. So, to change your IP address follow the given steps: 

  1. Open a command prompt in your PC 
  2. Now,  run it as administrator. 
  3. Now,  type the command <netsh winsock reset catalog>. 
  4. Press enter to run the command.  
  5. Restart your computer.  
  6. Again open the dialog box.  
  7. Type another command which says< netsh int ipv. reset.config> 
  8. Run the command  
  9. Restart your PC 



Now,  in order to clear DNS cache type the command< flushdns>. 


Try operating your browser again. You problem might have disappeared by now.  


Solution#6: Disable your firewall or antivirus software.  

If your PC is installed with some security software like firewall and antivirus software. Then,  most of the time these software creates problem while we are trying to access certain website. As they tend to block certain websites which are unsafe to use. 


So, to get access to these websites again try disabling your firewall and antivirus software configuration from the PC.  


This step might help if your issue is due to this reason.   

So,  if you face these connection errors in the near future while browsing through the internet then follow these steps to remedy your issues.  

I hope this article was of great use to you.  


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