Phone Hacked? How to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked?
How to know that your phone has been hacked?

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How to Know that Your phone has been Hacked?

What is Phone Hacking?

Everyone in today’s world is using a mobile phone and surfing on the internet. Every type of work is done on mobile phones, like transferring money from one account to another or ordering your favourite food from your phone and you can also do online shopping through the help of the phones and many more things. In today’s world, everybody relies on their mobile phone for calling, messaging, buying or selling, etc. But if somebody hacked your phone, it will create a big problem for you and your privacy will be in the hands of that hacker and he can misuse your personal information for his/her benefits and be unaware of it. So how can you know that your phone is hacked or not?


So to know that your phone is hacked or not there are some points given below: –

(1) You can check your data usage for how much data is consumed and if you have not used that much data and you are confirmed about this, and then your mobile phone is hacked. You can check your data usage in your iPhone by going to settings and there you will get the mobile data options and you can check the current status of your data, and how much you have used in this month and keep track of your data. And for the android you should go to settings and then go to connections and there you will get the data usage option where you can check your data usage. If there is any type of unusual app using your data very much, you should uninstall that app. By doing this you can make your mobile phone safe and secure.


(2) If your phone is not in your control, it means that your phone is affected by any type of virus, making your phone not function properly. This means that you are opening something else and your mobile phone opens something else or your mobile phone becomes very slow, then it means that your mobile phone is hacked because there is malware which is running in the background which is affecting your mobile phone very badly. This problem mainly arises when you are using an old version of android or your system is not up to date. So to fix this problem you should upgrade your android and update your system.


(3) If your battery drains very fast without any use or on less use and doesn’t behave as it was behaving, it usually means your mobile phone is hacked. If you have an android phone, you should go to settings then on battery and there you will get an option of battery usage, click on it. When it opens, you have to see which app is having very high battery usage and if you are not aware of that app, you should uninstall that app because this app can be a virus or malware injected into your phone the hacker. And if you are using an iPhone, you should go to settings and then click on the battery option; from there, you can check and uninstall that miscellaneous app, which is draining your mobile phone battery life. After uninstalling these types of apps you can fix this problem for sure.


(4)  If any purchase is made through your credit card without your permission, then it could be possible that your mobile phone is hacked. But for this there could be any other cause like if you have made payment on any site through your credit card and that site was fake and not having an SSL Certificate, this could be one reason. For this you should contact your bank. They will help you in this matter.


(5) If any message is sent by your phone. You have not sent that message, then it is for sure that your phone is hacked because whenever we allow some apps to install on the mobile phone, they ask for some permissions to grant and because of this only the hackers get access to that particular thing which you have allowed. The app may be of the hacker. So you uninstall these types of apps and this can help you in fixing this problem.


There are also some methods to remove the hackers from the mobile phone but it will erase your data from the mobile phone but it will also remove the hacker from the phone, and the method is the factory reset. For this, you have to go to the settings, go to the system, and find the system reset, click on it, and ask permission to allow them and your mobile to be connected to the charger. And your phone will be reset and this will make your mobile phone work properly and you will get that phone as new you got when you bought that phone for the first time.


This method is for android users and iPhone users, you should go to settings and then click on the general option then there you will get the option of reset click on it and then grant all the permissions which it will ask and your all data from the mobile phone will be erased and your mobile phone should be connected to the charger during this whole process until everything is done and your mobile phone get restarted back again. It is mandatory for both android as well as for iPhone users.


To protect your phone from hackers, you should not install unknown apps to your phone and you should always run a security checkup of the system to fix your security issues provided by mobile phones by default these days. And always be careful whenever you are allowing permission to any app until and unless that permission is related to that app in any way.

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