Types of SSL Certificates | Different Types of SSL Certificates Explained
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types of ssl

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Types of SSL Certificate

Before buying a security product or SSL Certificate, it’s crucial to do basic homework to find the best SSL Certificate that fulfills your security need. You know you need an SSL Certificate but do you know which certificate is right for your environment?


Now days, organizations are using SSL Certificate for different purpose like some company require it for website security, some of them looking to enhance customer’s trust along with web security whereas some of them looking to take the advantage of ranking benefit of using HTTPS.


As per the applications, SSL Certificates can be classified into three types-

  • Domain Validation SSL
  • Organization Validation SSL
  • Extended Validation SSL

Domain Validation SSL – The Certificate is also popular as DV SSL Certificate. The certificate can be obtained in a few minutes as the validation procedure is less rigorous for a Domain Validated SSL Certificate. The validation is done through email or adding a DNS Record. This certificate is highly recommended for basic security purpose and should not use for any commercial intension. This is the cheapest type of SSL compare to other two.


Certificate Authority (CA) verifies whether the applicants name and contact information matches the whois information for the domain name.

Benefits of using Domain Validation SSL Certificate

  • Cheap SSL Certificate
  • Immediately Issued
  • No Paper work required
  • HTTPS and Closed Padlock

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Organization Validation SSL –These types of SSL is considered as high assurance certificates which check the presence of the business, the ownership of the domain, and the user’s authority to apply for the certificate.


The applicant must submit legal documents like copy of their company incorporation documents to obtain an SSL Certificate. It’s an excellence security option for ecommerce or online shops that conduct online transactions and accept sensitive data, such as credit-card numbers, from customers.


Why it’s Different from DV SSL?

The major different is the company validation. A DV SSL Certificate can be acquired through simply domain validation but for an OV SSL, you need to process for additional document validation.

Benefits of using Organization Validation SSL

  • Best of Ecommerce websites
  • Full Business Validation
  • High Assurance Certificate
  • A clear visible site seal
  • Certificate shows the organization’s name
  • Increase customer’s trust

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Extended Validation SSL Certificate

You can call it as the most significant and advanced SSL Certificate. It offers the highest level of encryption for protecting you website from phishing and scams. The EV SSL Certificate requires a strict authentication process. This type of SSL Certificate is using by leading and most popular organizations like banking, finance, and e-commerce site which requires highest website security and customer’s trust.


Extended Validation SSL Certificate offers the most popular green address bar and it’s the major factor that makes it different from OV SSL Certificate. It also displays the name of the certificate holder and issuing CA in the address bar.

Benefits of using EV SSL Certificate

  • Green address bar
  • Full Business Authentication
  • Protect against phishing scams
  • Enhance customer’s trust

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