Best & Cheap SSL Certificate in India

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Where to Buy a Cheap SSL Certificate in India?

SSL certificates are a must, to prevent the user from receiving browser warnings, threats from hackers, etc. But how to get a hold of these so-called “SSL Certificate”? There was a time when Indian users had to buy the SSL Certificates from a foreign vendor and to buy from them, the users had to face a potential risk.


A major problem regarding SSL Certificates is that they take a long time to install and the procedure to install it is not that easy. There also might be a communication gap between the customer and the vendor. But now, things have changed. A customer can by an SSL price in india. That solves a majority of the problems faced by the customers, who used to buy the SSL Certificates from the foreign vendors.


Considering the mentality of the customers, they want the SSL Certificates to be cheap and have genuine support for the installation procedure. As of today, many Indian vendors sell SSL Certificates in India. So, the following is a list of the best SSL provider in India:


  • GoDaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Namecheap



This company is based in Arizona, Scottsdale, USA. It deals with web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, and other web services. Although, GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain registrar company, they also provide SSL Certificates at a cheap rate. But, their customer services are not very good. Some of their products are:


Basic SSL                           ₹219.92/month

UCC/SCAN SSL                 ₹742.42/month

Wildcard SSL                    ₹1649.92/month

Automatic Protection SSL   ₹6499.00/year



BigRock is an ICANN accredited leading provider of web-presence solutions. This company is based in Burlington, Washington, USA. They deal in domain registration, web-hosting services, digital certificates, etc. They do provide SSL Certificates and have a good customer service, with the help of online chat, voice call, email, etc. The SSL Certificates sold here are:


Positive SSL                      ₹1425/year

Comodo SSL                    ₹2745/year

Positive SSL Wildcard                     ₹4185/year




This company is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Namecheap is a popular company around the globe and they are known for their domain and hosting services. They have a wide range of SSL Certificates, at a good price. They have a good customer reviews and their customer support is also in the same boat. Some of their products are:


Positive SSL                      ₹559.57/year

Essential SSL                    ₹1198.68/year

Instant SSL                    ₹1340.70/year

Positive Wildcard           ₹2897.13/year

EV SSL                              ₹4962.31/year




This company is a cyber-security, based in Clifton, New Jersey, USA. Comodo is world’s leading brand in security domain, since 1998 and Comodo is India’s top SSL Certificates provider. They offer SSL Certificates at a good price. They have a wide range of Comodo SSL in India and some of their products are:

Name Price

Positive SSL                      ₹2750.00/year

Comodo SSL                    ₹6250.00/year

EV SSL                               ₹15000.00/year




As for the conclusion, I can’t come to a decision, that tells us the ideal company, but of course, by reading this article you can get a rough idea about the companies that sell SSL Certificates in India at a cheaper price.


There are different certificates and their price is also different but according to your requirements, you can decide what certificate you require and what is the best price for that certificate. I hope this article helps you to find the type of certificate you want.


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