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Since its launch in 1997, GoDaddy has been well known for its top-of-the-line web hosting products and services. GoDaddy is known for its Super Bowl advertisements and Danica Patrick, their supermodel, but they are one of the best web hosting companies in the world outside of their brilliant online marketing.

For a number of years, top organizations have listed them as one of the fastest-growing businesses and one of the leading customer preference award companies. GoDaddy currently has over 36 million domain names under its management, more than any other web hosting firm. But, not all they do is web hosting.

GoDaddy provides a complete range of products, including robust hosting options, website development software, secure SSL certificates, spam and anti-phishing personalized email filtering, e-commerce tools, and more. GoDaddy’s SSL certificate products and services will be the subject of this review.

The GoDaddy root certificate is a type of digital certificate that is issued by GoDaddy, Inc. Its primary purpose is to verify the identity of a server or website.

1 year Price$59.99/yr$103.99/yr$99.99/yr
Security Levelssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-gray ssl-lock-grayssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-gray ssl-lock-grayssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-gray ssl-lock-gray
Trust levelssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-gray ssl-lock-grayssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-gray ssl-lock-grayssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-yellow ssl-lock-gray ssl-lock-gray
Validity options1-3 years1-3 years1-2 years
Authentication LevelDomain Validation (DV)Organization Validation (OV)Extended Validation (EV)
Validatesdomain ownershipdomain ownership and organizationdomain ownership and
highest level of organization authentication
Green Address Barcross-icon wrongcross-icon wrongtick-icon right
IssuanceWithin minutesWithin 1-2 daysWithin 5-6 days
ENCRYPTION STRENGTHUp to 256-bit Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit
Trust trust trust trust seal
Free ReissueUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Server LicenseUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Warranty$ 1,00,000$ 2,50,000$ 10,00,000
2048-bit roottick-icon righttick-icon righttick-icon right
Mobile Device Compatibilitytick-icon righttick-icon righttick-icon right
Ideal forblogs and social websitesbusinesses and organizationseCommerce websites
Money back guarantee30 days30 days30 days
SUPPORT OPTIONSFree Phone and Email, 24x7Free Phone and Email, 24x7Free Phone and Email, 24x7
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GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Three tiers of SSL certificates are provided by GoDaddy; Basic SSL, Deluxe SSL, and Luxury SSL certificates. All three have a 128-256 bit encryption standard, 99 percent browser acceptance, a free lifetime reissue period, one SSL certificate that allows unlimited servers to be secured, and come with a $2,000.00 warranty.

Standard SSL certificates It starts at just $29.99, which is far below the average for the industry. This Secure Sockets Layer Certificate is intended for Websites that need a certain degree of protection and does not have a high level of traffic for security-sensitive documents. This form of SSL certificate can be purchased by anyone and loaded within minutes without faxes, documents, or phone verification hassles. This certificate is valid for one domain name only. However, you can switch to one that protects several domains or a Wildcard SSL certificate under the Regular SSL Certificate Plans.

Deluxe SSL certificates Starting at just $89.99, it has 256-bit encryption, requires a small amount of fax and phone testing, and can be used in around 2-4 hours. This SSL certificate is intended for an organization that needs to ensure the protection of information, such as credit card payments and confidential documents, transmitted. Upgrades to Deluxe SSL certificates are also available and GoDaddy provides discounts on extended contracts.

Premium SSL certificates It starts at $199.99 with upgrade options. This certificate is intended for organizations that frequently transfer highly confidential documents and want their customers to know that their information will be treated very securely. You can tell most sites that a padlock protects SSL certificates in the lower right corner, or a web address starting with https: but the entire address bar will be green with a premium SSL certificate. Usually, a premium SSL certificate includes paperwork from a business accountant and/or letter from their legal counsel, and can vary in the amount of time until it is operational, depending on the verification.

Important notification about SSL offerings

SSL/TLS certificates may not be issued for more than 13 months as of September 1, 2020. (397 days). This is an extensive market transition impacting all Certificate Authorities.

When they see that their traffic is encrypted via HTTPS with an SSL certificate, visitors consider their communication secure. The move to shorter validity periods would help to preserve the trust of visitors in SSL encryption security.

What does shorter SSL validity mean for website owners?

Your certificate will remain valid until its original expiry date if you are using a two-year certificate issued before September 1st. However, to stay valid, any issued certificates on or after September 1st will need to be renewed every year.


What’s GoDaddy doing to help?

In a nutshell, you can buy an SSL subscription for an extended time span, and then we take care of reissuing and installing your certificate every year.