What is CA Certificate? Know About SSL Certificate Authority
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CA Signed Certificates

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Everything you need to know about ‘CA Signed Certificates’

CA stands for Certificate Authorities. They primarily provide digital certificates to the online servers. They act as the third party for sanctioning the certificates in HTTPS to produce a secure platform for browsing. The tasks that the CAs take care of are, they provide you the certificates, issuing their validity periods, and also authenticating the certificate owner’s identity.  Basically, there are two types of Certificates available in the market that are as follows.


One of the CA Signed Certificates that you will come across is SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It is the certificate needed by web site as proof of its legitimacy and so as to achieve secure connections between web browsers and web servers. They are additionally called website security certificates.. These digital certificates are issued to the web servers by bound authorities known as CA (Certificate Authorities). They act as a Third-party for sanctioning the certificates in HTTPS to produce a secure platform for browsing.


These certificates are not sanctioned by the CAs (Certificate authorities). These certificates are a dull-witted choice if you want to increase thinking of increasing your website’s reach to more users, as when you use self-signed certificates they do not intend to provide the kind of security that CAs provide. The clients connecting to your web server have to dodge the warning showing in their web browsers while connecting to your web server.

Well, it is always asked to use self-signed Certificates on a temporary basis and the CA Signed Certificates for permanent use. Because the Self Signed Certificates could result in a lot of errors when the client is trying to form the connection with your web server, one of which is “Your connection is not private”.

Why use the CA Signed Certificates?

CA Signed Certificates are the digital certificates that are genuine and are accepted by all standard operational Systems (like Windows etc.) and the internet browsers (like Firefox, Chrome, etc.). These Certificates also make sure that the clients that are trying to form a connection with your web browser will not experience any kind of errors. Moreover, it will not show the message “Your connection is not private” error and thus also will increase your site’s traffic because users will not be dreaded back because of the not secure message.

These certificates provide the knowledge about the organization for which it is issued, the serial number of the certificate, validation period, signature, and the name of the particular certificate authority that has issued the certificate.

Who buys CA Signed Certificates?

CA Certificates are mainly bought by people who either own websites or are Server administrators. They need these certificates as proof of their site’s legitimacy and security of their sites. CA is expected to provide its customers with the certificates so they could also establish a sleek connection with the other certified servers.

There are 2 types of CAs (Certificate Authorities), namely

Regional Certificate Authorities

These Certificate Authorities generally work according to their local regulations, reminiscent of digital signatures according to the legal regulations.

Global Certificate Authorities

These Certificate Authorities are part of the MNCs (Multinational Companies). This market has its own issues because of the technical and audit issues, which is a must for the customer looking for a certificate sanctioned by the global Certificate authority.

Lastly, CAs are the physical organizations that sanction your Certificates, and then those certificates are to be downloaded by you to provide security for your site. There might be distinct types of SSL/TLS certificates provided by the certificate authorities and it is a better option if you buy an SSL/TLS Certificate from a recognized certificate Authorities.

How to Buy CA (Certificate Authority) signed Certificates?

The first foremost thing that the client has to take care of is creating a choice concerning the type of or of what level of certificate he/she needs. The levels of certificates approved by certificate authorities are of different types, and the higher the level of the certificate, the higher is the price of the certificate. These certificates can be separated into three categories or levels, namely

EV (Extended validation)

These certificates are towering at the top of the other two certificates, because of the highest level of security it provides and also because of intensive verification of the certificate’s owner. The owner of the certificate has to undergo all the processes of authentication of his/her identity, authentication of his/her legal rights to the domain, authentication of the existence of the organization he/she owns. There is ‘CA/Browser Forum’ which contains guidelines for issuing a certificate from globally ranked CAs and all the authentication mentioned above is required to be done because all this data is enclosed in the certificate that is to be issued to the owner.

OV (Organisation Validation)

These certificates come next to the EVs in the authentication levels because they only care that the site is run by some legitimate organization, without the motives of causing harm to the economy. The process that is carried out in order to provide these certificates is that one of the members from the CAs has to make a call to the owner and confirm the legitimacy of his/her business.

DV (Domain Validation)

These certificates rank at the last among the other two in the level of the authentication process. Because under these, there is no process that is carried out to manually confirm the identity of the organization run by the certificate owner. CAs will provide you with these certificates as soon as you provide proof of the Domain’s ownership. Thus, their prices are quite low.

From where to buy Certificate authority Signed Certificates?

There are many Certificate Authorities available in the market, that are ready to hand out your preferred certificates like Comodo, Certum, Entrust, GoDaddy, GlobalSign, Digicert, Symantec, etc. These are just some of the famous Certificate Authorities that you could go for, or you could go for any other Certificate authority of your choice too, just make sure that they are the legitimate Certificate Authority.

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