What Happens if your SSL Certificate Gets Expired
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What happens if your SSL certificate gets expired

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What Happens if your SSL certificate Gets Expired

Whether you are just doing blogging or looking for a great website that helps you reach your business goals, website security is much more important nowadays. Having an automated website doesn’t e ensure website safety unless you have an SSL certificate installed in it.


It is no doubt that SSL certificate is the backbone of your site security and most of the new bloggers prefer it especially if it is a WordPress theme. This latest version of SSL certificates is being used worldwide. The main reason why SSL certificates are popular is just because of the advanced encryption techniques which can encrypt data using hidden code and transmit online.


But, how can you know if your SSL certificate is outdated? well, there are a lot of ways out there to get to know whether it is expired or not. No matter when it is about to expire, it is the sole responsibility of a website owner to renew the SSL certificate at the regular time.


In case the owner doesn’t renew SSL certificate, chances are that the web browser warns that the connection is not private. it will say ” This connection is Untrusted”. To maintain website safety and customer trust, it is essential to save login information, email details, etc.


For beginners and new bloggers, SSL certificate seems to be new and interesting. you can check the status of your certificate by just clicking on the padlock in the address bar place that is situated next to the HTTPS URL. once you click it, you will be redirected to the page where you can see details regarding date under security tag.


For chrome browser

If you are chrome browser, you can easily check the status of the SSL certificate. Here, you just have to click on a padlock in that given address bar, which is next to the HTTPS URL.  After that, the window will pop up tells that the certificate details under that connection tab.


Effects of Expired Certificate:

Do you know the effects of the expired certificate? yes, you should not leave it just like that as it can harm your business reputations to any extent. customers will eventually lose interest in your website if they heard any warnings of an expired SSL certificate. About 90% of customers will be looking into your website for online purchase kinds of stuff, thus they will not buy any items if your website has an expired SSL certificate.


Moreover, your website could not attract new customers and will lose clients attention. clients and customers are essential for a healthy business relationship. if you don’t yet renew your certificates, chances are that your business will go down, which leads to loss of business and reputation.  your customers may face a lot of browser warning messages which gets them boredom.


And, if your site runs everything on HTTPS including image, video, media, etc, then they could not access these media.


How to avoid Expired Certificate Catastrophe?

while some of the website owners use SSL certificate for a single year and renew it after a year, some business owners would like to renew once it gets expired. No matter what type of annual scheme you are choosing, it is must to follow steps to avoid expiry of the SSL certificate


Always keep an eye on the email of your SSL certificate provider so that they can reach you and send reminder and notifications about expiry.


To get the certificate renewed, it is must consult with an Internet service provider or IT department before it gets expired.


Namecheap– It offers something special such as bonus day with which you can renew SSL certificate early without losing any primary data. with this latest SSL certificate, you can easily get your favorite certificate at discounted prices by comparing cheap SSL through some promotional offers.


SSL.com – It is the primary certificate of SSL category, which is the trusted certificate authority that provides various services like authenticated certificate, prominent services, customer support, etc..


when it comes to providing trust to the customers, the SSL certificate plays an essential role. Most of the startups and business website forget to renew the SSL certificate at the right time, which can eventually affect the business reputation, trust, security, and almost everything. These things will create blackmark and uncertainty in the buyer’s mind. Hence, it is wise to renew the SSL certificates that are about to expire.


If you have an SSL certificate, it is essential to keep them up to date. Moreover, the default certificate expiration monitor manages the scheduled task, which cycles through the key in that security configuration and it can report any time if the SSL certificates are about to expire.  The certificate expiration monitor will notify if the certificate falls within the threshold and pre-notification period.

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