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How to Avoid Technical Errors on Wix?

Whenever we think about starting a website, our thoughts are generally clouded with issues of learning coding to create a website. But what we forget is that we are living in the 21st century and you do not need the knowledge of any programming languages to start your website, there are many web hosting software and one of them is ‘Wix’.

Wix helps you to produce your internet presence by making your website. Wix is stuffed with a lot of features like E-commerce tools, smartphone apps, astonishing background videos, etc. It could help you to produce your website with just a ‘drag-and-drop’ interface. Wix is quite easy and flexible for any person who longs to start a website. It could even start your website for free, but you are not able to get the benefits of advertisements. But in the paid version of producing the website through Wix, you could get the benefits of having advertisements, more E-commerce options, and additions of the benefits of the apps like ‘Spotify’, thousands of template options to choose from, etc.

Consequently, now and then we face some common technical issues, that wrath our confidence while browsing around the internet. So, today we have got you covered with solutions to most of the common technical issues that you would come across while browsing ‘Wix’.

Here is a list of common technical errors faced in Wix.

10104 Technical Error on Wix

It is the revenant error, but still, Wix does not offer abundant data regarding this issue. But to just provide the idea of this error, it is generally caused by the misconfiguration of the stockpiled data in the system. Here are a few steps to follow in order to solve this error.

Open the ‘Incognito window’.

Then search for ‘Wix editor’ and open it.

Now commute the changes that you want to appear on your Wix site and then save those changes.

And if this still does not resolve, then you might go ahead and contact customer care. To do so follow the following steps:

Contact them, and provide the details about your user id and password and also your website’s name too.

Also, provide the error screenshot you have been receiving in simple and incognito mode.

404 Technical Error on Wix

This error can also appear as a ‘Not Found’ error. This error is seen by us once in our lives while browsing the internet. This error tells us that either our URL is corrupted or the server is unable to load, you the page that you requested. First of all, check your URL, there might be a problem with                                                                                                                         redirecting because of the changed URL. So check the link from which you were trying to open the site. Secondly, there is a file called ‘.htaccess file’. This file is associated with the website’s hyperlink structure. The error in this file could also lead to the wrong redirection of the URL.

In Wix some of the reasons that this error is showing are because of the following reasons:

You have not yet set your website to sail, and the given URL is unable to find it.

The domain you bought is unable to make the connection with the Wix.

Lastly, some bugs might be present due number of servers you earlier tried to connect with.

To resolve this issue follow the following steps:

Trying refreshing the current page.

Thoroughly check the URL details.

Switch the browser, because sometimes certain browser also causes issues.

“502 Bad Gateway” Technical Error on Wix

This error might be is caused when a large amount of time is required by the server to form the connection and therefore the request sometimes gets denied. This error can also be caused because of the large traffic, or the inflicted theme or the problem in the server’s configuration can also cause this error. To resolve this error follow the following steps:

If you are using the windows laptop, then press ‘Ctrl+F5’.

If you are using MAC, then press ‘command+R’.

Incapacitate any antivirus software that you have installed.

Revisit the URL from the google search.

401 Technical Error on Wix

This error occurs when you input the wrong login details or you are trying to visit the webpage, which might be unauthorized or restricted due to some reasons. This error is also seen as an Unauthorized error.

Follow the following steps to resolve the error:

Try reloading the current webpage.

Check if there is any mistake in your URL.

Try to search your website’s link on google and then open that link from there.

As said earlier it happens because of the wrong login credentials, so do check for the login details, and if you have forgotten, then reset those credentials.

Switch the browser, because sometimes certain browser also causes issues.

403 Technical Error on Wix

The error prevents you from further accessing the particular webpage. It also happens because the link you are entering in the address bar is either invalid or no longer exists. This error is also can be seen as a Forbidden error.

Follow the following steps to resolve the error:

See if the URL you entered is right

Empty your Browser’s cookies or any cache present.

500 Technical Error on Wix

This error is also known as an internal server error. Whenever this error occurs there are only, two things that could have been caused is that is either there is some issue with the .htaccess file or the memory of your site is full. Basically .htaccess file helps in forming a medium of communication between the server and the website and is also accustomed to improving your site’s security. To check if this file is inflicting the ‘500 Technical error’, then you have to incapacitate this file.

Follow the following steps to resolve the error:

  • If you are using the windows laptop, then press ‘F5’.
  • If you are using MAC, then press ‘Cmd+R’.
  • Try refreshing the current webpage.

Technical issues relating to the Browser compatibility

Sometimes, what happens is the certain browser is unable to form a connection with the Wix web server, in that case, you have to make some changes in the settings, and how to do it, is shown in the steps given below:

Open your browser and you will see the three dots on the top right corner.

Click on them and open the settings.

Select the ‘advanced’ option.

As soon as you will choose an advance option, select the ‘Privacy and Security’ option from the list.

Then select the ‘Site settings’ option and move on by clicking on the ‘cookies’.

Now, you will see the ‘Allow sites to save and read cookie data, turn the toggle on present right beside it.

At last, reload or refresh the page.

Technical Errors pop up while creating the Wix site

Whenever you see errors popping up while you designing your site, the primary steps that you take are:

Try reloading the page.

Clean the cookies and cache present in your browser.

Try incapacitating any web extension, that you might have installed, and then check if that resolves the issue.

Lastly, refresh or reload the page you are on.

What if your Wix is not running on Google Chrome

In this case, the first and foremost step that should be taken is to try running Wix on google chrome’s incognito window. Make sure that you are using an updated version of google chrome. Lastly, Try incapacitating any web extension, and see if that resolves the issue.

“I am not able to see my Wix Live Site” how to resolve this error

Primarily, check the URL and domain name, see if there is an issue with them or if there are incorrect. Generally, you come across the technical errors mentioned above. But other than that check for the following things, just to be sure that it is some technical error.

Check if the Premium Plan you bought is active and working.

Check the ‘DNS settings’.

Check that you have saved and published your website correctly.

Lastly, make sure you are using your personal computer.

In the nutshell, I would conclude that Wix has a support team that could provide you assistance. So, if in any case you are not able to resolve the errors, through the above-mentioned them, it better than yo contact them, and get assisted by them.

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