How to Fix Chrome Won't Load Pages Error? Updated Solution 2021
How to fix the google chrome wont load pages?

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How to Fix Google Chrome Won’t Open Load Problem [Tutorial]

Google chrome is the browser used by millions of people around the world and it is stated as the best browser to date. It has users from all over the world also have different languages google has arranged to add all the languages for making it suitable for people to choose their language while surfing. Many users prefer google chrome over any other browser for security purposes.

The speed of the browser is more than enough while surfing. You will find various errors on the google chrome browser if the address of the website is faulty or has been attacked. The world has started following the trail of digitalization but it has both a positive side and negative side so we need to be very careful if we have our business or blog page or any other page online.

Google chrome has its negative part too and several users have recorded errors at some time and the other time the most common is the error of we webpage doesn’t load properly.

Here is why the page doesn’t load properly?

When google chrome crashes or stop, or freezes it might reflect some of the messages –

  • Proxy error in google chrome



  • This webpage is not available



There several reasons for the occurrence of such type of error extending from excess RAM usage, connectivity issues, broken extensions, malware, etc.

Steps for solving the chrome won’t load pages?

For solving the error, you can do some basic steps for resolving the error. Below are the following steps for solving the error –

Solution 1. Close all extra tabs

Google Chrome is a resource-heavy application.

Opening the task manager, there you will find several processes running in the background that are a must to keep chrome running.

Having a weaker device that has less power specification, Windows will block the proper functioning of minimal application to maximize usability.

It can be one of the reasons for google chrome is not able to load pages properly if it uses too much RAM.

For getting over it close or the unnecessary tabs opened in the browser also close the apps opened in the background that is of no use.

Close all extra tabs

Solutions 2. Check your connection

If the page doesn’t load there may be a connection problem from the user’s end causing failure.

Open the webpage in a different browser. If it also fails to open the webpage then there only problem can be the internet connection.

There is a timeout period after a certain time after which the connection throttles upon on a particular website.

Relaunch your router and put your device on airplane mode that will reset the network and the throttle will get over.

This will clear the network errors and will resolving the google chrome error.

For windows, you can try deleting the DNS cache as well. For doing so –

Launch the elevated command prompt. For doing this launch run windows by clicking WIN + R.

Type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open a command prompt with administrative privileges.

Type the following command to delete your DNS cache:


Check your connection

Wait for the confirmation message and then try loading your web page again

Solutions 3. Look for broken extensions

If you have the surety that only googles chrome is not able to load the webpage then it is possible that some broken extensions may be causing the error on your device.

To be sure open the webpage in Incognito browser mode. To run an incognito window by pressing right-click on the taskbar icon and select a new incognito window.

Check whether the webpage works on the incognito windows or not. If it doesn’t then it is surely a broken extension problem on your device that is causing the error.

Look for broken extensions

Extensions that are added are automatically disabled, so now it is confirmed that the problem is caused by some broken extensions.

Switch on the extension one by one and crisscross what extension is broken and causing this error.

Solution 4. Clear chrome browsing data

The data that gets stored after visiting several websites while surfing may be malicious or can be heavy-based data that might be one of the reasons for the occurrence of this error. Follow the steps for clearing the data:

Launch Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner.

It will open several options lists and select more tools then from sub-option select clear browsing data.

On the page select browsing data, cookies data, and cache image and file.

In the time range select all time from the drop-down list.

Clear chrome browsing data

After selecting all the options then click on clear data.

Restart google chrome and then check if the web page gets load easily or not.

Solution 5. Run a full malware scan

A virus also can be the reason for the error to occur such as a malware-infected PC won’t let the browser load the browser properly easily.

To see if there is a virus on the PC you run a full malware scan to see if any virus is blocking the access to start the web page on your chrome browser.

By the inbuilt Windows Defender security or adopt a third-party freeware such as Avast Free Antivirus and Malwarebytes anti-malware for checking if the PC is infected with a virus or not.

Solution 6. Verify if any third-party software is stopping google chrome to load pages

There can be interference of third-party antiviruses that might be stopping google chrome to access pages with a help internet.

Switch the shields for your antivirus for a short period.

This might determine if the third-party antivirus is causing the error or not.

Verify if any third-party software Solution 7. Reinstall chrome

As a last resort, uninstall google chrome and clean all the cache from the PC.

For doing so follow the below steps –

Click on the windows icon-search uninstall programs then open it.

Then it will open the list of apps downloaded on the PC. There will be a search box on the top over their type google chrome.

After it shows the results below the name of the apps there will be a box named uninstall click on that and it will be uninstalled.

Download the fresh one and check whether the web page loads properly or not.

Google Chrome might be one of the best browsers but there is an error faced by users while using the top-notched browsers. The above-mentioned combinations are for solving the error related to the web pages not loading properly in google chrome.

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