Solve “SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE” Error in Firefox & Chrome

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Best ways to Solve “SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE” Error in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

One of the common errors that occur in the websites while browsing is “SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE.” This error is linked with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate of the website. For the data security that occurs between the website’s server and the visitor is very important that is why an SSL certificate needs to be installed by the website owner. The duration of the SSL certificate is approx. 2 years max. The renewing of the SSL certificate on or before the expiration date is very important. If the website owner will not renew the SSL certificate, then the error on the website will occur SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE. This error can be visible on top browsers named Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Renewing the SSL certificate is one of the common issues for the occurrence of this error in most organizations. The SSL certificate renew is not the problem of the error SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE. After the SSL certificate renewal process, some browsers then also show this error to the visitors on the website because of some issue in the browser. Some problems which can be experienced due to this error are:

  • The current window can be crashed due to this error.
  • A “Not Secure” message occurs on the browser’s address bar.
  • A warning showing message also occurs on the screen.


There are various solutions which consist of some steps which need to follow for fixing this error on Firefox:

  1. Date and Time Update – The error SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE can be solved by checking and correcting the date and time of the system. Incorrect date and time of the system may show this error. In Mozilla Firefox, the settings can be updated in the following manner: –
  • Go to the Date and Time option and click on Adjust Date/Time.
  • Click on Set Time Automatically.
  • Choose to Add different time zones clocks option.
  • After that go to internet settings and click on change settings.
  • Synchronize the date and time with the internet server and select OK.


  1. Security Settings Configuration– The error can be solved by configuring the system security settings in Firefox.
  • Right-click on the Command prompt in the Cortana search box of Firefox.
  • Select the option Yes of Command Prompt and run administrator.
  • Write the commands after the ‘C:\WINDOWS\system32>’ message that is regsvr32 siftpub.dll and Regsvr32 Wintrust.dll. Press enter after every command.
  • Click OK when you receive a dialog box.
  • Restart the desktop or PC or laptop.


  1. Clear History of Internet Explorer– There are some steps that can solve this error issue in internet explorer.
  • Tap Win+R and a dialog box will open.
  • Click on the option inetcpl.cpl.
  • After that go to General settings, then Browsing History, and click on Delete.
  • Restart the internet explorer.

What Happens If SSL Certificate is Already Expired?

The renewing of the SSL certificate is very important for the website owner. Some crucial things that website owners should know before SSL certificate renew. The charges of some Certificate Authorities (CAs) are more than the new one so you can switch to another CA in this case. At the time of renewal, it is not compulsory to consider the same certificate authority from which you buy the SSL certificate.

Fixing of SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE Error in Google Chrome

Check the cause of the error SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE in Chrome.

To fix this error in Google Chrome, follow some steps:

  • Select the Not Secure option in the address bar of Chrome.
  • Click on the certificate.
  • One can check the issue and expiry date of the SSL certificate in the general tab.


  1. Update Google Chrome and upload the new version of it.
  2. Clear out all the caches and cookies from the browsing data.
  3. Clear all the data like browsing history, download history, cookies, cached files.
  4. Antivirus and Firewall disablement if nothing will work but it is not majorly recommended.
  5. Check and correct the date and Time of Google Chrome.

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