Software Publisher Certificate - Everything You Need to Know
Software Publisher Certificate

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What is a Software Publisher Certificate?

For developers and publishers, one of the strongest game-changer is software publisher certificates. Across various fields in the business domains, ramping up of digitalization occurs. For example – health, finance, education, retail, and many more. The most crucial concerns of each user are data safety and security. For getting the highest security protocols and practices, you need to check the availability of the appropriate tools and resources. The software publisher certificates are the one that helps to make the entry in it. Software Publisher Certificates is the perfect tool for protecting personal and sensitive information digitally. 

A digital certificate that helps to sign the digital software and used by various software publishers before releasing anything in public or to their customers is known as a software publisher certificate. They are also called Code Signing Certificates (CSR). This certificate will help to generate a digital shrink wrap over any software, application, or device driver. The code will make tamper-proof after using this certificate. It will also help to identify authentication and reduce the risk of warning messages. 

Work of Software Publisher Certificates

There is some function which is performed by Software Publisher Certificates:

  1. Verification of the Identity – The topmost priority of any software publisher certificate or developer is to build the trust of the customers. The counts of the software download drastically reduce if users will not trust the software. The most prominent problem is that the users are visiting and finding your software and they get encountered with hackers who might be targeting your brands or software. The users can commit their information in the hands of cybercriminals. This will instantly decrease the reputation of your brand. The data and information can be protected by the software publisher certificates which also helps to enable identity verification. The users will only give confirmation for downloading the software publisher certificate when you sign the code by using an encrypted digital signature and private key. This will help to remain the customer and owner both safe and relax. 
  2. Maintain Safety of Code with Tamper-Proofing – The software publisher certificates or code signing certificates help the customers to check the identity of your brand. No one can stop the hackers to do interference with your codes after software goes online. In this condition, the software publisher certificate works perfectly. For protecting and encrypting the hash of the software file, it is important to use the certificate and private key. The certificate will help to make the code highly protected so that no such threats can tamper with the information after software goes online. The company brand gets zero tampering assurance and users’ data gets protected from any malicious third-party attacks.
  3. High Decrease in Warning Messages – In the software developers and publishers, the worst thing that comes is red flags that display the warning messages. This might create so much trouble or problems for the developers for example – triggering of software or unusual warning messages. Software publisher certificate helps greatly in this situation by ensuring the removal of warning messages so that the users will trust the software. But this will only have done for a temporary period and cannot be solved permanently by the software publisher certificates. 

Validation Types of Software Publisher Certificates

Software publisher certificates are of three types which are mentioned below:

  1. Individual Verification – In this type of validation, those individual developers get a chance who want to publish their software that can be used with their names. 
  2. Organization Validation – organizations or business companies used this type of validation such as software publishing houses, development companies, etc. They want that their software can be published and further run with their organization’s name that is why they undergo the code signing process. 
  3. Extended Validation – The process of extended validation is the same as organization validation for companies and setups but the importance level in this is more. In this, the validation procedures are somewhat strict and stringent which also includes more expenditure. This is the reason, EV certificates provide more benefits as compared to other certificates.

Advantages of EV Code Signing Software Publisher Certificate

The larger-scale benefit is provided by the EV certificate along with high secure validation process. There are some other advantages of EV code signing certificate:

  • A physical USB device is used to send software publisher certificates and encryption keys. It consists of the private key which ultimately gives high security. 
  • High safety is not provided by every publisher certificate and IV and OV might help you to stop the warning messages but Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Filter did not trust them. An EV certificate is highly trusted by the Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Filter. This will help to instantly remove the warning messages.


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