How to Solve Browser Error while Loading a Web Page

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Some Common Browser Errors while Loading a Web Page

You all have noticed some kind of errors while browsing a web page, and I am sure you all don’t like them all and want to get rid of those errors. So this will help you to figure out your problems. Firstly you have to know what these errors mean because when you will know the problem then only you can solve them. So let’s continue there are basically 8 common server errors or website errors. These 8 most common errors are: – 


  • 400 error
  • 401 error
  • 403 error
  • 404 error
  • 500 error
  • 501 error
  • 502 error
  • 503 error


These are the errors which we face in our day to day life while browsing the internet.

The 400 error 

What is 400 Bad Request Error & How to Solve 400 Error?

This error is also called a bad request error; this error is caused because of several things. First reason is a corrupt cookie on your browser so if you clear your browser cache and cookies then it should fix the 400 error. Then the second reason is that your browser or its mouth formed a request by your browser which you cannot fix, it is a bug which the browser itself will fix and after this the error will be fixed. The third reason is that it can be a human error when they are creating a manly created http request on a website, if that is not correct then it will show you 400 errors, so it’s the fault of the makers of the website in which you can’t do anything.

The 401 error

What is 401 Unauthorized Access Error & How to Solve 401 Error?

This error is an unauthorized access error, these errors are caused intentionally because you have to login to get access to that site or the site doesn’t want you to login so that is why it was caused intentionally. If this error is caused and asks you to login with an id password then you definitely need an Id and password to login that site and if it is not asking any type of id or password then sorry you cannot login to that website because that website doesn’t want you to access it. 

The 403 error

What is 403 Forbidden Error & How to Solve 403 Error?

This is forbidden error this is similar to the permission error (401 error), because this a permission based error quite often and it basically says that you have forbidden access to it because there are some missing index file in a directory that  someone is trying to access, or when you have an appropriate file or folder permissions. In order to solve this problem go inside the C panel and login to file manager then go to “public_ html” and then reach the file which is having an appropriate permission, now to make the correct file permission place 6 4 4 over each and every file which is having wrong file permission and if still the error happens then you can check the file permission of the folders, the file permission of the folder must be 7 5 5. In this way you can fix this error, it sounds technical but it will solve your problem for sure.

The 404 error

What is 404 File not Found & How to Solve 404 Error?

This error shows a message that file not found, this error occurs from client side because of which it gives this message of not found. It happens because the page you are trying to access is moved or removed or not available any more. But it has been seen many times that the URL which you type is being typed wrong, so you should check and confirm that the URL typed is correct or not. There are some more reasons behind this error like Junk Registry entry, browser cache issue, DNS server problem or junk files present. To solve this problem you should clear your browser cache and you should also clear the junk files from your system which will fix the error.


The 500 error 

What is 500 public_html error & How to Solve 500 Error?

This error usually occurs when your PHP code is not able to be executed by the server due to various reasons such as “metrics error” or “public_html error”. For this you have to check the error logs inside the Metrics or public_html. Login to C panel click on errors you will find a list of errors which will help you to resolve the error if the case is related to .htaccess then you can rename the .htaccess file for that just login to C panel go to file manager then access .htaccess, you can either remove the code written inside .htaccess file to solve the problem error log will help you to diagnose the issue and your problem will be solved. 

The 501 error

What is 501 server hosting the website is completely offline and unavailable & How to Solve 501 Error?

This error is shown when the server hosting the website is completely offline and unavailable, the hosting server will return a 501 error because the server is legitimately unable to perform the requested function because the whole thing has crashed.  On users end you literally cannot fix the problem; you can however check a few things which may help you in this case. First thing you can do is to reload the page press CTRL or CMD + Shift +R which will perform a hard reload which means it will bypass any cache file, so by using this reload might your problem get solved. If this will not solve your problem then reach out to the owner of the site and tell him your problem because this error is from the server hosting the website.

The 502 error

What is 502 Bad Gateway Error & How to Solve 502 Error?

This error comes with the message of Bad Gateway. When the server you are connected to tries to access another server in the chain the 502 gateway error occurs when the next server in the chain cannot fulfill the request or gives an invalid response. If you are lucky then it is simply because the website is overloaded and if you are unlucky then your browser has catch the error page as the standard page for the website, reload the page by pressing CTRL + F5 and if then also it doesn’t fix your problem then clear your cookies and then try to access it and if then also it doesn’t open then just wait for at least 10 min because it can be a PHP programming error which can take minimum 10 to15 min to be solved , so just wait in this case this is the only option you have.

The 503 error

What is 503 service unavailable error & How to Solve 503 Error?

This error occurs with the message of service unavailable. Sometimes the website which you are trying to log in is having very much traffic or in simple words it is too busy and there are many persons using or accessing that website or this same issue can be with the internet which you are using then this type of error occurs. So to solve this error you have to wait for some minutes and try reloading that page then this problem will be solved because if someone is busy then you should wait for some time and when he will be free then you can meet with that person and the same situation applies with the website server.

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