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500 Internal Server Error

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How to fix 500 internal server error?

How to fix the 500 Internal Server Error?

There are numerous websites on the server which might not be working or might be outdated. The development of the websites frequently faces the issue of 500 Internal Server error and the resolution of such error is not an easy task. the reason behind the 500: error cannot be one specific reason there are many other reasons the error can take place.

The question here is how to fix the 500 Internal Server error? We have stated the fixes for the error and get you back on track.

Let’s understand the term 500 Internal Server error.  Some errors sound different but have the same meaning from the inside. You will experience the 500 Internal server error when you try to gain access. the 500 error is a type of HTTP error code and is a temporary error. The error is an intimation message to warn you there is some issue going on in your computer or your webserver this is why the webserver cannot give you access to a specific website. For the error is generated from the server end.

The error might look like this –

  • 500 Internet Server Error
  • HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error
  • Temporary error
  • Internal Server Error
  • HTTP 500 Internal Error
  • 500 Error
  • HTTP Error 500
  • That’s an error

The 500 Internal Server error is caused while you visit the website. The error can be seen in any browser in an operating system, even on your smartphone.

The cause for the 500 Internal Server error?

When the 500 Internal Server error occurred, it states that there is some fault in the website and the error is also generated through the website. Most of the time the issues are from the website’s backend or your end. We will investigate that below. the detailed information says that the error can occur also due to the Microsoft IIS software. Search for numbers after 500 for example. 500.19- Internal Server which means configuration data is invalid.

Hop in with me to check out the solution for the 500: Internal server error –

Solution 1. Reload the webpage

The only solution a user gets hit by is reloading the page twice or thrice when he faces the error. By pressing the F5 or Ctrl + R key on the keyboard the page will get reload and it might solve the error. The 500 Internal server error is a problem from the website server end and it is assumed to be temporary. Trying the reload solution again might be a successful solution for resolving the error. While you are at the payment gateway if you face the said error that doesn’t hesitate the merchant has its protection software or techniques to prevent them to make multiple charges from this kind of action.

Solution 2. Clear browsing history

The browsing history can be a part of the error to occur. The browsing history might contain numerous data, cookies, cache images, and files from the website you have been to date. The data stored in your browser and computer both can be less than malicious and maybe the reason for the occurrence of the 500 Internal Server error. The solution to it is to clear the browsing data.

Follow the steps to clear the browsing data in google chrome –

  • Open google chrome click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the page
  • From several options select more tool and from the sub-option click on clear browsing data
  • After it open select browsing history, cache images and file, cookies from another website, and download history from broth basic and advanced section
  • In the time range select all time from the drop-down list
  • After you have selected everything click on clear data and wait for few minutes to let google chrome clean the browsing data from your device.
  • Restart google chrome and try to access the website

The 500: Internal Server error is not caused by clearing the cache but it’s often assumed that the error is resolved after clearing the cache files.

Solution 3. Error with the .htaccess file

There can be a fault with the .htaccess file. If you have implanted a .htaccess file in your website then there are high chances for the .htaccess file to interfere while accessing the website in your browser. In this case, you should move forward and check your .htaccess file configuration. If there is a character missing then the error will occur. To make sure if the .htaccess file is the reason behind the 500: Internal Server error then tries to remove it but before removing it don’t forget to take the back-up. Instead of removing the .htaccess file you can rename it and check if it turns out to be helpful or not and resolves the error.

Solution 4. Contact your ISP provider

Being the owner of the website and not the controller of the web server logs or filesystem you should get into contact with your Internet Service Provider and ask him to investigate if there is an issue from your end. The ISP’s give you access to several helpful tools via the control panel. This helps you to get minute details to accomplish your objective and there are hosting providers who don’t offer anything due to security reasons. There is a higher chance that the error can be from the host side too. There might be times the when provider might be working on the server or the software. This might result in the occurrence of the error. The only option would be to contact your ISP and see if they can resolve the problem from their end or not.

Solution 5. Contact the CMS provider

Keeping everything aside, you also have an option to contact your CMS (content management system) provider. if you using CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, or other CMS. Then by all means you can ask him for further help. The CMS provider has help pages where they assist you with the problems related to the CMS only.

Solution 6. Come back later

The website might be under maintenance for a specific reason such as the website code behave got broken, the website is being updated, too much traffic on the website there can be many other reasons the website might not be working. You just need to be patient and stay put, don’t make panic movements. Close the browser and computer properly and restart the computer and browser to check if the 500 Internal Server error has been resolved or not.

There are many other errors similar to the 500 Internal server error that occurs because all being server-side errors such as, 502 Bad Gateway error, 503 Service Unavailable error, and 504 Gateway Timeout error. The solution mentioned above is one of the top solutions for solving the 500 Internal Server error. These solutions will help you get back on track.

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