How to Fix SSL Error on WordPress Website
Wordpress ssl error

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How to solve SSL Issue in WordPress Website

SSL error is something which has become so common. When you move SSL to WordPress, there are certain errors which are deemed to occur. Fixing all of these issues is something which can be dealt with and explained in the manner given below.


SSL is one such server which helps to provide encryption and protect the privacy of customers and users. SSL certificate is a must which is required for any kind of purposes of identification. SSL certificate errors are common and the users will be warned and prevent connecting of customers from the website.


SSL has been improved over the years and the use of it has increased. When the impression of Not Secure is given, the impression of the customers is reduced and it creates an impression which is not impressionable. SSL is provided also for online shopping. SSL error on WordPress can be improved are listed as under:


1. Fix NET: An invalid error

This is a warning that the website is under threat and the website should be secured. Some of the reasons for the appearance of this message are:

  • Expiry of the certificate
  • The domain used in the certificate is a different one
  • The browser finds it hard in recognizing the authority

Upload SSL certificate with the help of WordPress hosting or ask your contact agency to fix it all.


  1. Fixing of Mixed contents

When you cannot see the padlock on the screen, then there is some problem in the address bar and you can choose which of the following methods is best for you:


  • Fixing of contents on WordPress with the help of Plugin

Real Simple SSL plugin should be installed WordPress SSL error can be corrected with this. Click on Settings and SSL page for the same. All of the errors can be removed automatically.


  • Manual Fixing of contents

This deals in the manual style from Settings and clicking of SSL. Better Search Replace plugin should be installed and on activation, the website URL should be provided in the link. The URL can also be checked with the help of Inspect Tool. They provide the way in which resources can be found and errors can be removed.


The manual step is something which becomes a bit difficult for the beginners but with time, they will also master the art. If there is any update needed in the Plugin, then a request should be given to the developer or find a plugin which is an alternative to this one.


  • Fixing of errors which are indirect
  1. Define: This is one of the methods in which Indirect errors can be fixed as there might be too many indirect errors in it. There will be a code of configuration which needs to be given.


You have to instruct WordPress HTTP to change itself into Indirect. SSL on WordPress can be done manually and it can be done in easy steps. The code in .htaccess file should be given in the URL.


These are some of the ways in which errors can be fixed! It depends on which you want to pick up!

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