How to Fix SSL Error on Firefox Browser? - A Complete List
How to Fix SSL Error on Firefox Browser

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How to Fix SSL Error on Firefox – A Complete Guide

Firefox SSL Error – 1

ssl_error_handshake_failure_alert firefox

Usually this error appear when you do not have a valid SSL Certificate in you browser. Apart from this, you will see this warning error on your firefox browser if you are using a self signed SSL Certificate or you don’t have the same security setting.


How to solve ssl_error_handshake_failure_alert firefox error?

Upgrade your browser

Clear your cache

Add a valid SSL Certificate

Delete your expired SSL Certificate

Firefox SSL Error – 2

ssl_error_bad_cert_alert firefox

Usually this error you’ll see after renewing an SSL Certificate. It’s not a major issue and can be resolved with some easy solutions. Apart from this, you can get the same error due to a self signed SSL Certificate.


How to solve ssl_error_bad_cert_alert firefox

Make sure you have a trusted SSL Certificate

Check your antivirus protection

Make sure your root CA and renewal SSL Certificate are same

Restart your system and browser after making these changes.

Firefox SSL Error – 3

ssl_error_access_denied_alert firefox

Some websites display this error with https protocol as well on Firefox browser. This error might be happened because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.


How to solve ssl_error_access_denied_alert firefox?

Update your browser

Try different browser

Disable your antivirus program

Restart your firefox browser in safe mode

Disable all add-ons

Check your time and date

Disable SSL traffic monitoring on your antivirus.

Firefox SSL Error – 4

ssl_error_internal_error_alert firefox

No idea about this security warning? No idea where it was coming from and how to fix it? Don’t worry we are here to solve this error in all possible manner.


How to solve ssl_error_internal_error_alert

Use a valid SSL Certificate

Update your browser

Disable addons

Make changes in firefox profile folder

Set up HTTPs in proper manner

Relaunch your firefox browser

Firefox SSL Error – 5

ssl_error_bad_mac_alert firefox

Usually this type of error used by Firefox using some specific cipher suites that aren’t supported properly by the server.


How to solve ssl_error_bad_mac_alert firefox

Change Firefox security settings. It seems Firefox is disabling older ssl standards

In Firefox address bar enter about:config

In search enter ssl3

Toggle false values to true

You should now be able to get to your sites

Firefox SSL Error – 6

ssl_error_protocol_version_alert firefox

This error happen due to outdated protocol version. Firefox disabled SSLv3 by default in Firefox 34 which is insecure and not to be used.


How to solve ssl_error_protocol_version_alert firefox

Update your Firefox browser to latest version

Change in your firefox profile folder

Clear cache

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