What is SSL Inspection? Why and How to Use it?
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What Is SSL Inspection? Why Should You Use It?

What is SSL Inspection?

As we all know that in today’s world privacy has become an important issue for everyone. These days’ people are more concerned about their personal data which they are sharing on the internet and this is happening because of the increase in cybercrimes these days. Nowadays the websites are using SSL Certificate to keep their data safe and secure from any outsider or third person (hacker). Nowadays it is mandatory to have a SSL Certificate as per the instructions provided by the world’s most popular search engine Google, that the website which is not having an SSL Certificate will be considered unsafe.


So what does this SSL Certificate basically means and what are their types and is it safe now?

So let us begin with what is this SSL Certificate. This is a digital Certificate which is issued to any website by Certificate Authority (CA) and it stands for Secure Socket Layer. Whenever this certificate is issued to any website then data which is being shared between the web browser and web server is in encrypted form and it is not easy to access without your permission, so this is the main function of SSL Certificate. Whenever any website gets this SSL Certificate by the Certificate Authority then that website gets converted from HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) to HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) website.  There are three types of SSL Certificate which are known by different names also and they are-

  • Domain Validated SSL Certificate – This SSL Certificate is used by small businesses who want to secure their single domain. This SSL Certificate provides security to a single domain only and can’t be used for any other domain or sub domain. This is not very much costly and requires less paper work and it is also easy to revocate. So it is good for the small businesses that are running their business on a single domain and want to secure that domain. It is also known as Single Domain SSL Certificate.


  • Organizational Validated SSL Certificate – This certificate is basically used for securing the sub domains and mostly preferred by the organizations because they are using many subdomains and they want their all sub domains to be safe and secure. This SSL Certificate requires more paperwork as compared to the first one and it is a little bit costly as compared to the first one and easy to revocate. So if you want to secure sub domains of your website then you should go for this SSL Certificate. It is also known as Wildcard SSL Certificate.


  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate – This certificate provides security to different domains, so if you get this SSL Certificate then you can protect all any domain using this SSL Certificate. But there is an important requirement which needs to be fulfilled by us and that is, the organization should have a legal identity. So if you fulfill this requirement then you are eligible for using this SSL Certificate. It requires more paperwork and time as compared to all the SSL Certificates. It is also known as Multi Domain SSL Certificate.


So know the question arises whether it is safe or not? 

So when it came it was safe but as the time passes there are some loopholes in this SSL Certificate nowadays. These loopholes are generated due to high traffic because know 95% of websites are using SSL Certificates to protect their websites from hackers but nowadays these hackers have created a loop hole in it and that is inserting any Malware in your data which helps them to track your personal data and through this malware which is being created by the hacker for gaining access to your data they can stole your personal information.


Malware is a kind of software designed to get access to some one’s personal data or disrupt and cause damage to someone by using their personal information, so it is basically used by the hackers nowadays and in today’s cybercrime world it has become a trend. So how can we ensure that there is not any kind of malware in our encrypted data?  So there is a thing which is known as SSL Inspection. This SSL Inspection is used to ensure that there is not any kind of malware in the data which is being shared between the web browser and web server.


How SSL Inspection works?

So it basically uses a inspection device which is put between the web client and the server and whenever we share any kind of data than this data goes through the Inspection device and the data which is in encrypted form is decrypted and then scanned and if any kind of malware is found then it removes that malware and if not then it sends that data in encrypted form to the web server and vice versa. So this is basically how it works there are many SSL Certificate providers companies in the market.  There are some names of SSL Certificate providers listed below –

  • DigiCert
  • Rapid SSL
  • GoDaddy
  • Symantec
  • Network Solutions
  • Thawte
  • Comodo
  • Geo Trust

There are many more SSL Certificate providers available in the market but these are with higher ratings and the customer is very much satisfied with their services and price. So you can go for any of the companies according to your budget .These day’s cybercrime is at its peak and any loophole in your security can cause you a great deal of damage, so always be careful and always stay updated with the latest technology which is becoming more safe and secure nowadays.

Always look after that whenever you are sharing any kind of personal information on any website, that the website is having SSL Certificate or not if it is not having SSL Certificate then don’t share any kind of personal data on that website because it is very much possible that your personal data will be easily accessible to the hacker or any outsider without your permission.

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