Renew SSL Certificate - How to Renew SSL? A Complete Guide
How to Renew SSL Certificate

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How to Renew SSL Certificate? Step by Step Guide

One of the most integral parts of the full SSL certificate process is its renewal. Everyone has to enable HTTPS for the websites and no other option left for anyone. The SSL certificate can be issued and installed within minutes and you even get it for free from various companies. SSL certificate helps to keep the data of the users safe and secure. SSL certificates are not last long for the whole life; you need to renew the certificate from time to time. As compared to buying the SSL certificate, renewing is much easier. There are various web hosts and registrars who automate the renewing process of SSL certificates. One can also renew the certificate by reading manual booklets that come with the SSL certificate kit. It is very important to renew the SSL certificate before the expiry date so that the website keep secure and protected. After installation, a date will be mention for the renewing of the certificate. 

What Happens if You Don’t Renew SSL Certificate on Time?

If anyone forgot or doesn’t renew the SSL certificate, then an error or warning message comes on the screen of the customer saying “The site’s security certificate is expired”. This could be a major advantage for cybercriminals and hackers. They can hack your website during the expiration of the SSL certificate. They have the chance to steal and attack the information transmitted between the browser and server. The cybercriminals can see the sensitive information of the users as well. Another point is the trust of customers which will not anymore there on the website due to security problems. The reputation and success of the website go down and you have to face a massive loss. Non-renewal of SSL certificate shows the major impact on the online business running websites. 

Need of SSL Certificate Renewal

The SSL certificate may last for 1-2 years whereas some SSL certificate’s expiration date is only 90 days. Limited length of the certificates is important due to 2 reasons:

  1. Validated the renewing of the certificate through the identity of the website.
  2. SSL certificate helps to make sure that security and encryption are up to date. It helps to keep the data of the customers safe and secure during transmission. 

The issue that an SSL certificate whose expiry date is last long for 5 years so that it becomes convenient for you. But this will not provide optimal security. Google said that an SSL certificate should last for only 1 year and not more than that. The automation will encourage shorter validity periods because of which certificate authority argues. The renewal of the SSL certificates is necessary and web hosts or certificate authority can enable this. The security and encryption of the information are maintained with the renewal of the SSL certificate. A warning message will appear because of late or if the owner forgets to renew the certificate. 

How to Renew SSL Certificate?

The renewing process of the SSL certificate of different companies varies and depends on the web hosts or certificate authority. The certificate signing request (CSR) needs to be sent by the owner of the SSL certificate to activate and install the certificate. The SSL/TLS certificate comes with an expiry period of either 1 or 2 years. There are 4 steps to renew the SSL certificate to make the connection secure and encrypted without any disruption. 

Step 1: Purchase Renewal SSL Certificate

For renewing the SSL/TLS certificate, an owner needs to buy a new SSL certificate before the expiry date of the certificate. The SSL certificates should get renew before 30 days of the expiration date. When you buy the SSL certificate for renewal then-new notification comes on your email address which is registered with the company before the expiration date. You add the renewal of the SSL certificate in your cart from the received notification on the email.

  • Renewing from Email Notification – Click the renew option in the received mail notification which will redirect it to the cart. Now complete the remaining process of buying the certificate which activates and installs the renew SSL certificate. 
  • Renewing from Account Panel – Login to your account of the website’s SSL certificate settings. Click on the expired option and go to your cart. 

Step 2: Renew SSL Certificate Activation

There are some follow-up guidelines that you need to do for activating the renew SSL certificate:

  • Generate a new CSR from the control panel of your device. 
  • Choose the All Products option from the domain list section.
  • Type the domain name in the search area of the linked SSL/TLS certificate. 
  • Click the arrow present beside the certificate domain.
  • Select the NEWRENEWAL option that displays on the certificate and then click Activate button. 

Step 3: Renew SSL Certificate Validation

A complete Domain Control Validation (DCV) is needed after activation. You can use any method for validation:

  • File-based verification
  • Email verification
  • Domain Registrar’s information

If you already have Organization Validated or Extended Validation SSL certificate in past, then you know how to do the validation process by using verified documents. The documents are still needed for any renewal of the SSL certificate.

Step 4: Installation of Renew SSL Certificate

You can go ahead after completing the above steps and start the process of SSL certificate installation. You can use the guidelines that are best for our server or you can also take help from the hosting provider by contacting them. The manual booklet provides the steps which need to be followed for the installation of the certificate.

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