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If you are using Chrome to browse the internet, you might have to face some of the problems here. One of the problems that most of the people face is a connection, not a private error. You might see it shows NET::ERR_CERT_SYMANTEC_LEGACY error and none of the websites will be working properly. So, here are some of the ways you can easily fix them.  


#1 Date and time 

The first reason why this may error accused might be due to the wrong date and time of your computer system. You can simply go to the taskbar where you see the time and adjust the date and time of your computer. Check AM and PM, most of the user’s problem will be solved by this. Also, if you are using any time zone, make sure that the Time zone is set correctly. If not, you should change it to your local time and open the browser again to check if it is working or not. 


#2 Disable add-ons 

There are many extensions available on Chrome that makes the browser perform well. There are chances that one of this extension is giving problems and as a result, you are seeing the error. You can simply remove or disable the extension and try again. You can simply disable all the extensions at once to see if the proof is solved. If you see the problem is solved, you can try to reactive it one by one to see which one is giving the problem. Moreover, you can also deactivate the most recent plugin and see. You can simply go to “chore://extensions/” to deactivate the plugin.  


#3 Update your browser 

The third thing you can do is update Google chrome. There might be chances that your version is too old and therefore you are facing these problems. Please note that, if there are bugs in your browser, you might not be able to update it directly within the browser. For that, you will have to open the official website and download it from there.  


#4 Reset the Browser 

Did you know just like your factory reset your mobile phone, you can reset your browser? Just go to settings and you will see the reset settings option. Don’t worry here. You can click the reset option and you will get the original version. Please note that this should be the last option as this will disable all the add-ons that you are using and if you are one among the people who have a habit of keeping many tabs open, you will lose all the tabs. Therefore, this should be the last option that you try.  


#5 Site’s certificate expired 

The last reason why you might be getting this error might be because the website’s certificate has expired. In this case, there isn’t pretty much you can do except contacting the website owner and informing them about the issue. You can simply check other websites to see if this is the problem or not.  

Please restart Chrome after applying any one of these.  

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