What is SQL Connection Error? How to solve SQL Connection Error?
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How to solve SQL Connection Errors

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How to solve SQL Connection Errors Due to SSL Certificate Issues?

How to solve SQL Connection Errors Due to SSL Certificate Issues?

Structured Query Language is the full form of SQL. The unique session for the SQL server data sources mainly represents the object of the SQL connection. The network connection to the server is always equivalent to the database system of the client or server. The tools along with which SQL connection can be used are SQL data adapter and SQL command. It helps to raise the performance after developing a connection with the Microsoft SQL server database. 


Uses of SQL

  • It helps to communicate the database. 
  • It is considered as the standard language in relational database management systems as per American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Various tasks are performed by using SQL connection like updating data or retrieve data on the database.


One of the important and crucial parts of the website authentication is the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. This helps to ensure the website or server connection is protected and encrypted. In some situations, problems can be created. People uninstall the SSL certificate from their websites when any issue comes. Rather than removing this, let’s get some knowledge for fixing the problems and proper use of SSL certificates for the websites. 


When you are connecting with your remote desktop then an issue can occur. It may arise because you are using the same credentials for connecting the SQL server to your remote computer which you were used while connecting it locally. The error will pop up.


“Connection was successfully established with the server, but an error occurred while doing the login process. (provider: SSL Provider, error:0) (.Net SqlClient Data Provider).”


When these error messages pop up then no way is there to connect with the server. The certificate and references provide by the SSL of the SQL server are shown in the message. The installation of the certificate is a must on the server then underlying issues will not occur. 


The knowledge of the solution to these errors is important so that issues can be resolved properly. A self-signed certificate will be installed on the server if you specifically mention that you want another certificate for the setup. The server which creates this certificate is SQL. The real public key infrastructure is not supported by this. The communication and information transfer is encrypted by this certificate and integrity is also validated appropriately. The right server connection is not verified by doing this rather authority that ensures that the server is correct will do this. 


Similar error or problems will occur in other services that use SSL certificate like when the first-time remote computer is connecting with the certificate by using terminal server then you trust the certificate or not can be asked and then further proceedings takes place.


Three important purposes of the digital certificate are:

  • Information privacy consists of encryption and protection of communication during transmission. 
  • Communication integrity in which digital data is combined.
  • The verification of the communication has to trustworthy from the transmitting party and they should not use any intended servers. It is ensured that communication is safe.

How SQL Connection Error can be Solved?

While doing connection from the login page and error issue arises via SQL Server Management Studio then opt for the advanced option in setting. Go for the tab named Connection Properties and check whether the Encryption connection option is a tick or not. If it is a tick, then remove that so that occurrence of the error can be prevented. This also has one consequence which is the transmission of information between the computer and remote SQL server will not be protected. The entire and important purpose of the SSL certification is encryption which gets destroyed. 


Now, further, go to the Additional Connection Parameters tab. In this, switch the trusted connection to the remote SQL server certificate. 

Trust Server Certificate = True

In the text box which will appear after clicking that option, write Connect, and the error which disappears immediately. 

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