How to Fix This File Can't be Downloaded Securely? A Complete Guide
This File Can’t Be Downloaded Securely

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How to Fix This File Can’t be Downloaded Securely? Google Chrome Error

What is “This File Can’t Be Downloaded Securely” Error?

Google chrome was under some discussion for letting users download files, images, email but they weren’t allowed as google chrome didn’t give access to it. This happened because of the under heated discussion on some major-related forums.

As we click on the download button the request was denied by google chrome and also while allocating the location of the download prompt box doesn’t pops-up. After researching for a long time, I concluded that google chrome has no answer to the downloading problem and also might take some more time to come to a solution.

How to Solve This File Can’t Be Downloaded Securely Error?

Some unlucky users never get to finish the download properly from google chrome. If it doesn’t get downloaded properly google chrome doesn’t even pop-ups a warning message too intimate what went wrong while the download? After referring to several stories about the above-said error I was able to find some basic solution for resolving this error. They are as follows –

Solution 1. Clear browsing history, cookies, and cache data

The cookies, cache data that gets downloaded automatically while surfing on several websites can be malicious or faulty data. This can be one of the reasons for the occurrence of this error. If you want the data of your browsing history or cookies you can take a back-up or export chrome history and cookies in advance.

For clearing browsing history follow the below steps –

* Open google chrome and look for three vertical dots on the top right corner of the page and click on it.

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* After clicking it will show you a bunch of options and from them click on more tools and from the sub-option select clear browsing data.

* After the page opens check on the boxes you want google chrome to clear like browsing history, download history, cache images and files, and cookies, and other site data.

* In the time range box select all time from the drop-down list.

* After you have selected everything you want to clear click on clear data and wait for few minutes till it processes.

* Restart google chrome after the process and try to download your data.


Clear browsing history, cookies, and cache data


Solution 2. Run the chrome clean up tool

This solution will clean all the malicious data from your computer and will solve the error that is being faced. This clean-up tool of google chrome is prominent to solve the chrome won’t download files error caused by the malware. Follow the steps below to solve the error –

* Launch Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots.

* After it opens there will be a bunch of options from them click on settings.

* On the settings page scroll down till the end and there you will find the advance option written click on it.

* Again, scroll down till the end and click on clean up the computer, and then a box will pop-up showing find harmful software on the same line there will be a blue box with find written on it.

Run the chrome clean up tool

Solution 3. Reset Google chrome

* Launch Google Chrome on your device

* Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the page and then click on settings from the bunch of options.

* Go on the last page and click on advanced

* On the advanced page scroll down to the end and click on reset and clean up click on restore setting to their original defaults and then click on Reset settings to go ahead with it.

Note: Resetting google chrome will reset your start page, tabs pinned, bookmarks, and more. The extension you have added will also be removed and clear all the cookies impermanently. Even the passwords and history won’t be saved still.


Reset Google chrome


Solution 4. Switch off the use hardware acceleration option 

* Reach out to the chrome menu then click on settings then open advanced settings

* Below the option of system uncheck use of hardware acceleration whenever available.

* Relaunch google chrome and see if this solution works or not.

Switch off the use hardware acceleration option

Solution 5. Reinstall google chrome

Uninstalling Google will solve all the problems as everything goes to the default function and when you reinstall it you get a fresh google chrome with all the functions set to default.

Follow the steps to reinstall google chrome –

* Click on the windows icon and open settings.

* Look for apps and features in the setting option.

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* Search google chrome in the given search box on the top after that it shows the result click on uninstall and in few minutes the app will be uninstalled.

Reinstall google chrome* Then reinstall the updated google chrome from the browser or store which is better.

* Launch Google Chrome and check if the error is solved or no.

Solution 6. Disable all the extensions

The extensions added to google chrome may be broken, faulty, or malicious and that might make a trail for the error to occur. This might be the reason for interference faced while downloading a file.

Follow the steps below to disable an extension in google chrome –

* Open google chrome and click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the page.

* After it open from the bunch of options select more tools and from the sub-option select extensions.

* In the extension page disable all the extensions that you have added in google chrome and try to check if the files are getting downloaded or not and if this doesn’t work then disable one extension after another to see which extension is broken, faulty or malicious.

* After you find the broken, malicious, or faulty extension remove it and try again to download the file.

Many errors are occurring in several other browsers too but nowadays you have a fix for them too. Google chrome is one of the best browsers as it is used by various users from various countries. The above steps will help you solve the error for google chrome not downloading file.

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