Why Pay More for Extended Validation SSL Certificate?
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Why Pay More for Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

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Why Pay More for Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

What is an Extended Validation Certificate?

When it comes to securing a website, nothing can beat an SSL certificate. In addition to the basic SSL certificate, entrepreneurs can use extended validation certificate that is available on the tech market. It is no wonder that SSL certificate goes under a variety of stages for validation includes Domain validation, Extended validation, organization validation, etc.


It provides data integrity and encryption to ensure that SSL certificates worth to get and validate. It shows how the certificates display in web browsers.

Extended Validation Certificate UI

An extended certificate is the one that activates HTTPS and the great padlock features in web browser address bars, however, extended validation certificates stands out from others because the extended certificate is the one which displays the web owner’s name as its prime features.


The time spent, the effort made the cost added in such difficult verification process makes it hard for cybercriminal and phishing sites to distinguish your validated site from other insecure simple sites. The first thing that phaser check your site is whether it has extended SSL certificate. if so, it could be difficult for them to crack your websites.


Whoever the web visitor is, the SSL certificate, especially the extended one that your website possesses acts as a great indicator of trust and worth.


It makes your website visitor feel safe throughout their visit on your site. Interestingly, the features that the extended SSL certificate has is also owned by other basic web security certificates such as DV, EV, OV, and SSL certificates though nothing can beat this extended SSL certificates.


Examples of EV SSL Certificates in Browsers

An EV SSL certificates make your browser updated which means that if your browser released its a new version, the features that the EV SSL certificates provide will get updated automatically.


For instance, if your browser gets updated, certificate activates featured visible indicators on your web browser address bar, padlock, company name & country. Notably, these HTTP indicators will be changed once the new version was released.


EV SSL in Chrome

Any website that has an EV SSL certificate on google chrome displays HTTPS, padlock, organization name, location, etc. Recently, cybercriminals have started using EV which is the free source of SSL certificates that lacks the look of being a well-trusted website.


Hence, your visitors can feel safe when you are having Extended verification SSL certificates in your google chrome.


Who Should Use EV SSL Certificates?

Some high featured websites always targeted for phishing and cyber-attacks such as banks, IT site, financial institutions, etc… The details that these websites use such as online payment details, processing logins, etc… However, the website, which has EV SSL certificates can benefit from displaying their verified brand identity.


How does it cost?

The very first thing that you should look for before buying the SSL certificate is to check the additional expenses because SSL certificates have no physical part, which makes it hard for an average SSL consumer to realize that there is some additional charge exist. Interestingly, these additional expenses occur behind the scene.


Certificate Authority is responsible to employ various information sources and undergo additional form, procedural steps and to pay for additional third-party audits and such things to issue Extended Validation certificates.


Generally, an enterprise requires an extra internal audit, systems, employee training, and such things. such additional expenses are getting converted into the COGS, which is nothing but the Cost of Goods Sold. Interestingly, COGS are specific to particular Extended validation certificate that a company sells. if not, the company may lose the chance of undergoing the verification process.


Since EV SSL is a lower volume product, the entire cost is focused on individual purchases. Despite these drawbacks, the cost difference for SSL EV remains low, which is why it is getting popular nowadays and is still within reach for many companies. It is suggested that do not worry about the additional cost as your website can feel safe and secure if you got this amazing EV SSL certificate without hassle.

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