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Now days, online banking are the most choice and convenience for people. Online banking gives you multiple advantages like 24×7 banking, easy to view transactions and history, mobile banking and much more. However, hackers also try to get advantage of online banking for their criminal intention. There are many bank names that hit by data breach and lost thousands of dollars in past months.

Why SSL is best Practice for Banking or Financial Websites?

The online transaction system is the prime target for hackers. They (hackers) uses different activities to gain access of your account to steal money. However, in today’s day and age, encryption is the ideal solution that provides high degree of security. Whether your business/bank/financial institution is large or small, it’s crucial to ensure that you meet the minimum security standard. An SSL Certificate especially EV SSL Certificate provide best security standard and provide education about your website security and maximum website’s safety.

Which SSL is best for Banking Website?

EV SSL Certificate utilizes encryption technology to make sure private financial information remains private. Apart from the security, it confirms that the website is a valid organization and have legitimate documents. It reduces the risk or data breach and improve conversion by displaying various security clues like green address bar, company name in the browser, trust logo etc. The combination of these highly visible features creates an additional layer of trust and protection for customers throughout the online information and payment transactions.

Full Specifiction

  • Validation :
    Extended Validation
  • Green Bar :
  • Issue Time :
    1-3 Days
  • Server Licensing :
  • Browser Compatibility :
  • Documents :
    Company Documents Required
  • Ideal For :
    Ecommerce / Online Shop, Online retailers, Education, Banks & Healthcare
  • Trust Level :
  • Secures :
    Single Domain
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