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Your Connection Is Not Private

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Your Connection Is Not Private – Best Solution in 2023

What is “Your Connection Is Not Private” Error?

The websites that are running over HTTPS shows “your connection is not private chrome” error. The place where the site is hosted gets a message by the browser when you visit a particular website. For ensuring that the website certificate is up to current privacy standards, the browser needs to install the validated certificate on the website. The certificates also checked by a certificate authority for the decryption of the certificate.


The browser will always prevent you from reaching that particular website whose certificate is not valid. This is an exciting feature that is already in built-in web browsers for protecting users. If the certificate on the website is not properly set up, that means that the user’s data is not encrypted and it is also not safe to visit that site. So these unsafe sites show a message by the browser that “Your connection is not private.”


Your Connection Is Not Private



Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates provide privacy and encryption over HTTPS connections. The security barriers that are used for the safety and protection of the data on authorize connection is HTTPS. When the browser doesn’t have a way secure way to protect your data from the unsafe site then it will show SSL connection error. The browser will try to stop you from accessing the website if it will feel that the particular site is unsafe and not have a secure connection. There are some reasons due to which SSL connection error appears:


Missing or expired certificate

Non-updated browser

Antivirus and date or timing settings are wrong

Issue in the server


HOW “Your Connection Is Not Private” LOOKS ON DIFFERENT BROWSERS?

Depending on the web browser you are using, there are variations or looks of this error. The configuration is also differing for different web browsers.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome error

Google Chrome will take you to a separate page named privacy error when this error message shows to the user. On that page, a significant exclamation point in red color appears and also “Your connection is not private” message visible on the page. This will protect your information and tell you about the problems like attackers that may hack your credit card details, passwords, and messages.


This will highly aware of you and protect you from not visit that particular unsafe website but even then if you want to visit that site then it will show an advance option. Click on that Advance option while going back to the previous page and attempt to visit the website.


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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox error

Mozilla Firefox shows the message “Your connection is not secure”. Along with this message the browser also aware you that the owner misconfigured the website. It will also give you the option of advanced settings if you want to visit the unsafe site.


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Safari (safari this connection is not private error)

safari error

Safari browser users will receive the message of an error on the new page, saying, “This connection is not private.” This also makes aware that your information may be stolen and hacked as the site is impersonating.




Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge error

Microsoft Edge shows the error that is almost similar to Google chrome. It says that “Your connection is not private”.


How to fix your connection is not private?

Sometimes you might even get confused about how to begin and deal with this error. Typically, there can be 2 significant reasons for appearing the error: one is the issue from the client-side and others can be a certificate problem on the website. There are different ways discussed below through you can fix this error.


  1. Reload the page

This might seem to be obvious and the first thing you should try. Reload the page again when you face the error “your connection is not private.” Simply close and re-open the browser and again search for the site which you want to visit. This may solve the issue sometime when the owner of the website is reissuing the SSL certificate or browser is having some problem.


  1. Try Incognito Mode

In Incognito mode, the data will be saved to try this and visit that particular site. If the website is seriously having some security issues, it will not open in Incognito mode.


  1. Check date and time

Check your system date and time. The site can also show the error if your system date and time is not updated. The information will appear on the previous date and time that is updated on your system.


  1. Clear cache and cookies from the browser

When you search something then at that time the browser stores caches and cookies that can take up a huge space of your hard disk. The computer will become slow down. For solving this issue, you can go to your browser settings and clear all the caches and cookies. This will speed up the connection and also may explain the “your connection is not private” error.


  1. Check Wi-Fi connection

The public Wi-Fi may not be safe and secure as some public Wi-Fi does not run HTTPS and has a poor configuration. Try not to use public Wi-Fi for searching for anything related to information that can be hacked. Always use your private and safe Wi-Fi connection. This will secure and encrypt your information. If it’s very urgent and you don’t have any option rather using public Wi-Fi, then you can hide your information by using Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will hide your identity and also protect you from traffic.


  1. Check antivirus

If there is an antivirus connection in your system, then search for its update. The antivirus can override your network because “your connection is not private” error appears. This issue can be resolve by disabling the antivirus for some time.


The browser may sometime be challenging to troubleshoot for the person. This “your connection is not private error” does not always mean that it is not secure. The ways we discussed so far may be the problem of the error and can be solved using one of them.


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