Free SSL vs Paid SSL | What is Difference between Paid and Free SSL Certificate?
Paid-vs-Free ssl

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Which is better: Paid or Free SSL Certificate?

Free SSL Certificate proves to be better for some whereas Paid SSL Certificate to the others. Well, before reaching any decision let’s know whether it is necessary to have paid SSL certificate or we could make it work through Free SSL Certificates.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the certificate required by websites as proof of its legitimacy and in order to gain secure connections between web browsers and the web servers. They are also known as website security certificates. These digital certificates are issued to the web servers by certain authorities known as CA (Certificate Authorities) . They act as a third party for sanctioning the certificates in HTTPS to provide a secure platform for browsing.

Just to get a limpid view about where SSL certificate is used and in what manner. There is a process called SSL/ TLS Handshaking that takes places when the client (web browser) is trying to form a connection with website’s server. In plain terms, it is to and fro communication between the web browser and web server. Its main purpose is to create an encrypted connection between the client and the web browser.

What would happen if your website do not have an SSL Certificate?

There are a lot of issues that you might have to face for not having an SSL Certificate. First of all, your will fail to provide an encrypted connection between your web server and the client. Due to this Clients might be hesitant in connecting with your web server.

Secondly, not having an SSL certificate provides an opportunity for the traducers or attackers to access the data or information for your visitors. Even the transmission of the information through your web server will be on thin ice and could be accessed by any attacker.

Thirdly, it will affect your website’s appearance in the top results of google search (or any web browser) because these web browsers do not trust the legitimacy of your site and thus hinder your website’s presence on their browsers.

Lastly, it is bad for business because you might lose customers or visitors because of your website’s lack of legitimacy.

Explain what Free SSL Certificate & Paid SSL Certificate are?

Free SSL Certificate:

These SSL Certificates are provided by free Certificates Authorities. These certificates only provide corroboration to the domain name of the URLs that is ‘HTTPS’. Basically, with free SSL Certificates when the client is trying for the connection with your web server, they will feel your legitimacy and are able to have an encrypted connection with your site. Now, one more thing that we need to remember when talking about Free SSL Certificates, that there are two kinds of free SSL Certificate namely,

SELF-SIGNED CERTIFICATES: These certificates are not sanctioned by the CAs (Certificate authorities). These certificates are the dull-witted choice if you want to increase thinking of increasing your website’s reach to more users, as when you use self-signed certificates they do not intend to provide the kind of security that CAs provide. The clients connecting to your web server have to dodge the warning showing in their web browsers while connecting to your web server.

SSL Certificate SANCTIONED BY CERTIFICATE AUTHORITIES: They provide encryption to your domain name in case of free SSL Certificates as discussed above.

Examples of some of the best Free SSL Certificate providers are Bluehost, cPanel, Let’s Encrypt, AWS, Cloudflare.

Paid SSL Certificates

These SSL Certificates are provided by paying to certificate authorities and they not only provide your authentication to the domain name but also lofty legitimacy by providing the information about the company, enterprises, or organization related to the website that you are accessing.

Examples of some of the Paid SSL Certificate providers are Geotrust, Sectigo, Digicart, Network solutions, Go daddy.

Which is better to own Paid SSL Certificate or Free SSL Certificate?

The modern-day technical industries could make free SSL certificates useful because if ever any hindrance ever occurred they could be able to handle it, as they are in touch with this stuff. But other industries private or government should avoid using Free SSL Certificates because they just increase your work if you are unable to manage them properly.

Few points that would help you get a better view of which SSL certificates to use.

– Free SSL Certificates have a very short span of life, they could only be used for around 3 months max whereas Paid SSL Certificates have a validation period of around 12 months.

– Free SSL Certificates only provide you the encryption for the domain name only whereas Paid SSL Certificates give you information about the enterprises behind the website.

– Free SSL Certificates may cause issues with the security of your website because we are not quite acquainted with the party providing the certificate whereas when you issue a paid SSL Certificate from the authorized party it gives your site strong security and hence protects it from cybercrimes.

– Free SSL Certificates are for slender use only because they might not show the kind of security you need if you own a large enterprise. For that purpose, you could have access to Paid SSL Certificates as they have an extended period of authentication.

– Paid SSL Certificates are the best option for online trade and commerce industries because they provide domain encryption and information of your industry as well as has an extended validation too whereas Free SSL Certificate should not be an option for such industries.

– Free SSL Certificates are a better choice if you belong to the blogging industry whereas Paid SSL Certificates are the better option if you are an online trade site because your transactions need encryption otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble for your site visitors and to your organization

Lastly, the client connecting with your web server wants proof of your site legitimacy before forming a connection with your web server and that can be attained through a Free as well as Paid SSL Certificate. Now it entirely depends on you to choose your better option of owning an SSL Certificate.

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