ssl certificate_verify_failed - How to Solve certificate verify failed error?
How to solve Certificate_Verify_Failed error

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How to solve Certificate_Verify_Failed error?

Some of the mistakes or technical errors can occur while dealing with python or any other programming languages. One of the potential errors in the Python SSL is “certificate_verify_failed”, which can occur at any time. This error is very frustrating especially when everything is going right and this error will occur. This error is not hard to solve but patience is required for dealing with this error. But before start fixing the error you should know why this error is occurring.

Reason of SSL Certificate_Verify_Failed Error

The result of outdated Python default certificates or invalidity of root certificates usually shows the SSL certificate_verify_failed error. If you are the owner of the website and this error is occurring on your website, then it could be because a valid SSL certificate is not installed on the website. We need to assume some scenarios because web scrapers are paired with this error in Python. Initially, try to scrape a page, fire the scraper up which will only meet with an error page. There are some simple commands which can resolve this error problem. When you attempt to download a program then this issue will occur in the web browser which will not let the program download. This might happen because of the expired SSL certificates enter in the version of Python.

How to Fix SSL Certificate_Verify_Failed Error?

It is suggested to some people to simply disabling the verification function of the certificate. This tactic fails to resolve the problem and also no longer verify the certificate which can further lead to a variety of other issues in the web browser. Update your SSL certificate directory for fixing this error problem. Use the PIP code which is the common method for solving this issue. The full form of PIP is Python Package Installer. It is considered a package installer for Python. PIP code command helps for easy installation of the packages and it also updates your SSL certificates. Update your SSL certificate directory by using PIP via entering input in the piece of code:

Pip install – -upgrade certifi

This will help you to download the files which are denied previously and result in the lack of the SSL certificate.

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