Best WordPress Plugins for SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
Top WordPress Plugins for SSL Certificate

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Top WordPress Plugins for SSL Certificate

Whether you are tech challenged people or someone who still crazy about the topics, we can help you out. We have spent some quality time and come up with the list of the best options that can get you the best WordPress SSL plugins. It makes much sense when it comes to secure pages or paper. The way this secure URL protects this customer can help you trust your clients and customers. So, here you go.


HTTPS Redirection Plugin

First, you have to install the SSL certification so that you can use the HTTPS Redirection plugin. it will help you create the HTTP set up automatically so that it will redirect regular HTTP URL. This way your customers and visitors are forced to see the HTTPs site. You can either choose specific pages or many pages to be redirected. If you start using SSL, be ready to use the static files that have embedded using the HTTPS URL.



Here are the specific features that why HTTPS Redirection plugin is the most recommended one.

  • Try an auto direct method for a few pages.
  • You can easily do an auto-redirect method for the entire domain
  • It loads static files like js, images, CSS, HTML using HTTPS URL.


WordPress HTTPS


WordPress HTTPS is considered to be a one-stop solution for all the SSL needs. Since it has released its recent update, it is now faster than usual. So, trust me! using WordPress HTTPS will give you peace of mind apart from the security.


It is much popular and is widely employed by most entrepreneurs. Aside from having an incredible speed and performance, this plugin does amazing things that help to get you to site more secure through HTTPS instead of just HTTP.


This plugin converts all sort of the internal links, scrips, and images of HTTPS site. It helps to prevent encrypted errors, which are incomplete. Additionally, it also helps to change the external links and some essential elements of HTTPS. It can also change the required elements that need to be converted.

Force HTTPS SSL Plugin

As the name suggests that it will redirects any HTTP URL forcefully and it can fix some insecure static resources. It does it without even changing the database. It can filter the external links that will get you secure. Before start using this amazing Force HTTPS plugin, you have to ensure that SSL certification is already installed. The latest version can be used on the LEMP web servers with PHP 7.0 along with MySQL 5.7.



This WordPress plugin can include

  • Can work with script and image src sets.
  • Skips any external hyperlinks.
  • No settings pages or casual database queries.
  • Notably, you don’t have to add pages to fix insecure resources.


JSM Force SSL plugins

Unlike other SSL plugins that are mentioned above, JSM force SSL plugins seem to be bit different when it comes to both features and functionality as well. This plugin is super crazy and it can redirect to the secure HTTPS URL. You should have an SSL certificate for the WordPress that you use for this plugin.


Context fixer

Among other basic SSL plugins, content fixer plugin is one of the most essential plugins nowadays. It is really a powerful tool, which helps you clean up the WordPress site straight away. One of the interesting things is that it helps in cleaning images and videos. Further, it provides great support for clients in multiple languages. In this way, context fixer is something that you can get in the easiest way.


Since it is very well compatible with the integration functionality, it can act on various sites that have different functionality. Here, people feel difficult to find any issues with the HTTPs pages as it is most compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Since it has released its latest version, you can try it for cool.



It is the easiest and most convenient plugin to make the HTTP site. Here, it ensures security and compatibility. The web pages that you use the LCS HTTPs ca redirect into the remaining pages. The recent version was released, which attracts a huge number of new users at a time.


It is mainly recommended for clients who want a specific part of their site to be redirected without hassle. Since each SSL plugins differs in its features, you can try out the best one that meets your expectations. Just try out any of the most recommended sites and let us know in the comments.


Installing a poorly formed plugin can create issues especially if you are new to the site. WordPress is the highly recommended site. You can compare cheap SSL and choose trustworthy plugins at any point in time.

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