Online Fake Reviews - How to Spot Fake Online Reviews?
What are online fake reviews and How to avoid them?

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What are Online Fake Reviews and How to Avoid them?

Everyone in today’s world is surfing the internet and also buy various products from shopping sites. But when we buy anything, we check that the product is good or not or the customers who have used that product. The feedback provided by the customer after using that particular product is known as Review. Reviews affect the decision of the buyer. People see how authentic that product is by seeing the customers’ reviews and reviews also help the new customer buy that product without any hesitation.


But the problem arises when these reviews are fake. Some people are paid to write fake reviews about that product to increase the sales of that product and earn a profit, which is not good in any way for the customer who is willing to buy that product. These fake reviews are good for the company as they can profit through these fake reviews that they pay reviews. So how to identify which review is not fake and which one is fake we should follow some steps which are given below: –

(1) If you are looking at the reviews for any product and you want to buy that product then you should read the review carefully because many times it is seen that the review written for that product is not having relevant information about that product and the things written in that content is not defining the product. So you should read the review carefully and notice these things very carefully, then only you should buy the product.


(2) When you look at reviews the person who has given the reviews is known as the reviewer. Before buying any product, you should see the reviewers profile and look in the profile that the account created, professional and social account. You will know that the review written about that product is real or fake and then you can buy the product according to it.


(3) Whenever you are reading a review if you notice the full name of the product several times, my friend is a fake review because no one has that much time to write the full name of the product in the reviews . And if the review is written about the product model and the product manufacturer, it is also a fake review because no one writes that much detail about the product in their reviews.


(4) The other factor that matters the most is that the review’s content should not be very much professional; if the review looks very much professional then for sure it is a fake review. Here professional means good quality English words used and a full stop at every end of the sentence. If you noticed these types of reviews then it is a fake review.


(5) If you are reading a review and that review is too negative of that product or it is too positive, then that review is definitely fake. If someone writes a review, he or she will write positive and negative things about that product.


(6) There is also a way to check that the review is fake or real; for this, many websites can tell you about the reviews that they are fake or real. The only thing you have to do is copy the URL of the shopping website and paste in that review finder site and follow the steps and you will get to know which one is the fake review and which one is real. Fakepost, Assurelife are some of the websites on which you can check that the review is real or not.


These fake reviews are considered illegal by the government of any country around the globe.  These fake reviews affect the status of the company and someone wants to defame or damage your reputation in the market then writing fake reviews about your product can decrease your sales as well as reputation.


The competitors can use fake reviews for their profit and ignore the harm caused by that product which is not suitable for them. So the government considers this as an illegal practice. If someone is found guilty of such type of work, it will create a big problem for that person and the company who hired that fake reviewer for writing fake reviews for its profit and not caring about society.


So if you are a buyer and want to buy a new product and are looking at the review, how was the consumer’s response after using that product then you should look through these points.  

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