What Is an Invalid URL? How to Fix Invalid URL Error in Chrome?
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Fix the invalid URL in google chrome

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Invalid URL – How To Fix Invalid URL Issues on Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the outstanding browsers till time around the world. Being the fastest, secured, and highly customizable for this we need to thanks the plethora of extensions users can download from the chrome store. Google chrome has made it very easy for finding what is near-by them or by just pasting the URL in the search bar for visiting the place website to know more about the place.

The URL is created by buying a domain for your website. Several websites sell domains such as GoDaddy, Hostinger, etc. The domain pricing depends upon the URL last part that is .com, .in, .xyz, and many more like it. The costliest domains are the .com ones as they are the most commonly selected by everyone. Google chrome can also display errors preventing the users from gaining access to the following website. Sometimes you might face an Invalid URL error which can happen after copy-pasted the faulty URL.

Fix the invalid URL in google chromeWhat is an Invalid URL?

Invalid URL error messages appear in the browser when an URL doesn’t exist or doesn’t respond, and this error mostly happens due to DNS records not being registered. Invalid URL error pages appear in the browser if a page or URL is deleted or moved to another URL. This is a browser error message, not a website message, which means you have entered an invalid URL or a URL that contains an invalid symbol or space.

There is no such page – the web page has been deleted or removed or the host has shut down the webpage.

Mistake in the URL – the address of the URL might be incorrect or there might be a typing mistake or you might have added extra characters.

Incomplete URL – some characters of the URL are missing.

The webpage you trying to gain access to has been redirected to some other webpage but the developer has made some faults while redirecting the process.

You are not allowed to visit the selective webpages.

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How to Fix the Invalid URL error on google chrome –

Method 1. Delete all the browser cache

One of the reasons for facing Invalid URL errors is browser cache or cookies. Clear all the browser cache from the browser to fix the problem. Following are the steps –

Open google chrome and click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner.

After it opens it will have a bunch of options click on history.

History page will open and will show all the websites you have visited yet and at the end it there will be an option for clearing browsing data.

Select all-time in the time range from the drop-down list to clear all-time history.

Then click on clear data.

Delete all the browser cacheRelaunch your browser and try pasting the URL again and check if it is working or not.


Method 2. Remove all the extension –

There might be some of the extensions that you have added to the browser causing the error.

Open google chrome and click on the dots on the top right corner.

Bunch of options will reflect and then click on more tools and then from the sub-options select extensions.

After the page of extension open a switch of extensions one by one and see what extension is causing the error.

After you find it remove the extension.

Then restart google chrome and paste the URL and see whether the error is resolved or not.


Method 3. Logout from your google account –

Get logout from your google account then close the browser and then sign-in again that might be the fix for the Invalid URL error.

If you have a second account in google account, it can be used to check if the error still occurs in the other account too after logging in.

If you don’t have a spare Google account, then you must create one for checking it.


Method 4. Reinstall chrome

Reinstalling google chrome can fix the problem for Invalid URL error.

The problems you face can be related to pop-ups, extensions, google chrome updates, browsing problems, and many more.

Be very careful while uninstalling google chrome you might lose your data if you agree to delete your data.

For restoring the data, you can switch on the data syncing option before uninstalling google chrome.


Method 5. Use diverse browser –

Wanting to fix the problem as early as possible you just need to follow the steps below:

Switch to another browser and check if you are facing the same problem in it too.

The browser should be updated and optimized from all the areas.

Browsers get old and some webpages don’t work properly because they are not updated.

Method 6. Check your permissions –

Getting error of Invalid URL while trying to gain access to the webpage for your work task.

You might not have access or you won’t have permission to gain access to the webpage.

You need to have permission for accessing the webpage.

The above are the methods for solving the Invalid URL error and getting you on the track where you were stuck. I hope the above methods were helpful and the error has been wiped out.



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