Verified Mask Certificate: Uses and Applications in Communication
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Verified Mark Certificate: What is VMC and why is it necessary

What is VMC?

Verified Mark Certificate, abbreviated to, VMC permits users to exhibit their signature logo next to the field marked “sender” in an email. Receivers of verified emails are notified that the sender – be it an individual or an organization- has legitimate authentication prior to opening the message. It can be considered equivalent to the verified check mark that appears beside authorized accounts on social media sites. The additional validation offered by a verified mark certificate ensures protection of organizations and their clients from thefts and unauthorized access.


Working of VMCs

In collaboration with BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) as well as client providers for email, a VMC efficiently promotes a secure environment for business organizations and their clients. This groundbreaking initiative undertaken by BIMI ensures clear and visible confirmation that targets at safeguarding the trust and consistency between the receiver and sender. 

In a brief summary, the working of Verified Mark Certificates can be explained as:

  • Currently, VMCs can be availed from various sites. It is the only method of displaying your authentic logo along with every email you send out. 
  • Before emails can be authenticated and your logos be displayed, email recipients must be capable of confirming that DMARC (Domain based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) standards are appropriately imposed. This process is a strategy that has been developed to make sure spooking, phishing and thefts are minimized, which enables you to gain more control over your organization and its activities. 
  • As soon as the DMARC demonstration is accomplished, your personal logo will be displayed beside every email you send. Needless to mention, the logo being used will be validated and trademarked. In case an organization wishes to encompass multiple logos, it can make selections regarding which emblem will be rendered for every flow of communication via email. 


Marketers’ benefits Due to VMC:

Some of the benefits that are obtained by popular marketers and organizations by the use of Verified Mark Certificates are:

  1. Before they even open your email, customers see your logo rather than the default initials. This adds a sense of authenticity to your email and it does not resemble a scammed program.
  2. Provide a more coherent, identifiable, and authentic experience to your recipients which increases their trust in your organization.
  3. immediately connect your email communications with trust. Your logo also gains an equal amount of trust and consumers can securely communicate without a trace of doubt.
  4. Make a statement and let your clients know that you value their security. Customers can openly interact once they are assured that your email is not a spam message.
  5. Boost awareness, memory, and involvement. Organizations have gained profitable interests with a 10% boost in engagement rates. Higher activity will aid in the expansion of your business. 


DMARC Benefits Obtained:

The application of DMARC protocols is beneficial for application of VMC.

  • Use DMARC compliance to show the highest degree of email security practices. It validates your logo and thereby increases customers’ trust in your organization. 
  • Make it more difficult for criminals to conduct identity-focused assaults like spoofing and phishing to target your consumers. With the scope of threats being minimized, interaction with clients is made comparatively more efficient. 
  • Improve your domain’s ability to see and manage messages delivered to and received from it. DMARC demonstrations allow organizers and individuals to establish enhanced control over all official interactions conducted.
  • Learn everything there is to know about the kinds and regularity of attacks that target your domain. In today’s era, chances of scammers and hackers trying to gain access are high. DMARC is informative and provides sufficient statistics to avoid such attacks. 
  • Ensure that reliable delivery of authentic emails is made, with nothing falling through the cracks. Sometimes, emails might end up in the spam section of customers, This results in hindrance of smooth communication between the sender and the recipient. 


VMC solution

  1. Become compliant with DMARC:

Check your domains’ current status. You must have a DMARC record with “p=quarantine” or “p=reject” in order to be eligible for a VMC. Being a DMARC has several benefits, the most predominant one being, DMARC compliance strengthens security.


  1. Verify that your logo has a trademark:

Your logo must be registered with the relevant trademark office for your region before we may issue a VMC. It is advised to begin the process as soon as you can because it can take some time. Gather as much information as needed on trademarking your logo.


  1. Double-check the formatting of your logo:

Logos for VMC must be placed correctly. To appear in your consumers’ inboxes, use the svg format. This guarantees that your logo is displayed according to your choice and preference. 


  1. Obtain a VMC: 

Purchase a few VMCs as soon as possible. In case you possess several logos or domains you will need multiple VMCs for each separate communication. 


  1. Examine how the logo will appear:

Utilize our VMC display wizard to check that your logo is displayed correctly and to address any potential issues. The logo of your choice and preference will appear beside your name. 


Digicert – A Perfect Solution for You

Digicert is a trustworthy platform that provides Verified Mark Certificates worldwide. It is a highly assured vmc site that is sought out by most business organizations who wish to establish verifications in their communication paths. Originally this site was established to provide easy certification without any hassle or time consuming processes. As a vmc channel manager, Digicert has showcased satisfactory results, by assisting organizations to receive a mark of certification beside their name while sending out emails. 

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