What are the Disadvantages of a Self- Signed SSL Certificate
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self signed ssl certificate drawbacks

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Disadvantages of Using a Self-signed SSL Certificate

When it comes to the world of the Internet, protecting the security of customers should be the first priority of companies. Many organisations prefer self-signed SSL instead of getting certificates from any trusted authority. Self-signed certificates might be free of cost, but they do cost a lot to customers in the long run. Some of the disadvantages of self-signing SSL certificates are listed as under:


The reputation of the brand

As and when you use a Self-signed certificate, it gets highlighted to all the web browsers and they try to warn you about not using it. Web browsers give warnings which are usually highly unappealing but, when you get any flags commemorating SSL certificates, it ruins the image of your brand to a great extent.


Trust of customers

Self- Signed certificates are easily replicated and anyone can copy those and misuse it. It provides a good opportunity for hackers to design a browser which looks similar to yours and steal card information from people. Self-signed certificates do not protect the trust of customers and most of the times; their money is misused in the process. The identities of customers can also be at risk during these situations.


Monitoring seems difficult

SSL does not allow easy monitoring of expiry dates of certificates. In this way, you are faced with a lot of problems. When you use an authorised certificate, you are updated about the activated and expiry dates at times. After it expires, you again have to follow the same procedure to get it.


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Self-signed certificates are not totally free

Free SSL is just a myth because when you want to use your Self-signed certificate, you will be in grave need of a developer who can help you develop the application. You will have to pay the developer for his work. In this way, SSL takes both time and money and in the end, does not provide the best of security. Hackers are always in search and any mistake in the certificate can lead to huge losses of money. Even personal information of customers can also be stolen by hackers.


Difficulty in revoking

After an SSL certificate expires, you have to go through a long process just to get it revoked. And it seems nearly like an impossible task to do. It is imperative that you keep a constant check on the expiry date of the certificate.


Web browsers always show alert whenever they see a self -signed certificate. They do not consider this as a trustworthy certificate. If you get too many alerts, the ratings of your browser would go down and it would create a bad impression on the people searching for your browser. The best way is to use authorized certificates so that you can stay away from calculated risks to a maximum level.


There are so many companies who are known for their authenticated certificates. They maintain the image of customers and provide complete security to browsers. Stay away from Self-signed certificates and opt for what is best for your business.

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