ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED | How to Fix this Close Connection Error in Chrome

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The first version of Google’s web browser Chrome was launched in 2008. The application leads a very high success in the coming years after launched and gives tough competition to Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc., web browser applications. Its rapid success is its marketing strategy that was done by its own already popular brand name Google. The browser’s performance is excellent even though it may show some error many times that leave its users confronted with cryptic messages.


ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message indicates that the connection between your device and the website’s server has been interrupted or closed. This error message often occurs due to network misconfigurations or server-related issues.
When you receive the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error message on Google Chrome, it indicates that the browser is unable to establish a connection with the desired website’s server. This connection failure could be caused by several factors, including a routing issue, insufficient hosting resources, cache corruption, slow internet speed, or problems with your VPN service.



The ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error is an indication of a problem with the connection between your device and the website. This error message appears on Chrome when the connection has been interrupted. Research suggests that ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED is often caused by misconfigured network devices or mismatched server certificates.
The ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error is specific to Google Chrome and occurs when the browser fails to establish a connection with a web server. This results in the connection being terminated and the error message being displayed. Various factors can contribute to this issue, including issues with routing, insufficient hosting resources, corrupted cache, slow internet connection, and problems with VPN services.





There may be several different solutions for resolving the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error. This will emphasize the real and exact problem of the error. The details of why connection interruption happens are not revealed. If the reason for connection interruption not revealed, then there is no main and perfect solution for fixing this error. There can be various solutions that can be tried for resolving the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.


1. Check internet connection and restart the router

Before you will try deep and technical methods for resolving ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error, check your internet connection first. In the network connection settings of your system, you can easily identify your internet connection status. If it’s not connected properly then you can restart your router and connect again. This may be the problem of the error.

2. Reset network settings

The error message ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED problem may also occur due to some network connection issues in your system’s TCP/IP setup. This problem can be solved by resetting the settings of TCP/IP stack from their original state.

The one thing you need is administrator rights and command-line tool Netshell and this has been installed since Windows 2000 as default. This can be done by first accessing the start menu and entering the term ‘cmd’ in the search bar. Then right-click on cmd application and select ‘Run as administrator.’


3. Disable the proxy server and VPN connection

Proxy and VPN connection offers you different possibilities in their way of remaining anonymous during your time on the internet. Both solutions are fully and actively participating in the data transfer process.

This can be the reason of causing complications and showing the error message ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED. At least for testing purposes deactivate bridging techniques and don’t use it in case of VPN.




4. Clear DNS cache

One of the essential mechanisms of the internet is the resolution of the DNS server name. Whenever a particular website has accessed the conversion of domain address into their numerical counterparts takes place. When both DNS servers and browsers create address entries, then it is called DNS cache.

The loading time becomes faster but can also cause unwanted errors like ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED. This error can be resolved by flushing out the DNS caches from the system. You need to empty the address cache.


5. Change DNS server manually

Not just DNS cache is the problem of showing the error message. Other issues can also cause the error. The connection may also have interrupted and Chrome shows error message ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED if the server’s availability is limited or server is completely down.

The address of the DNS server usually obtains automatically. However, this can also be done manually and thus transferring the name resolution task to another server to fix the “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” message.


6. Check firewall and antivirus software

Due to numerous attackers’ danger on your daily activities of the web, today’s time must protect the system from antivirus. The firewalls, antivirus software, etc., does a very excellent job but even then these tools are not infallible. The error ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED can be caused by incorrect configurations, software errors, or outdated program files. This can be resolve by updating the software of your system or deactivate antivirus or firewall software temporarily.


7. Update or reinstall chrome

Check the version of your Chrome in your system and if it’s not updated version then update it fast. You should always make sure that the browser is up to date as this may also cause ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error. The last and final option of fixing this error is the reinstallation of Chrome. By this, all your settings and saved data in the browser lost but it may fix the error.

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