Benefits of SSL Certificate for SEO - Importance of SSL for SEO
Benefits of SSL Certificate for SEO

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Benefits of SSL Certificate for SEO

If you are a webmaster, you’ve probably heard about search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a process of optimizing your website to get better ranking on the search engine. You know Google has more than 200 search engine ranking factors and even still updating new algorithms almost every month to provider better and relevant results to the user.

Recently, Google added HTTPs as a new ranking factor. It means if you wanted to get noticed on the search engine, your website must installed an SSL Certificate.

It was August 6, 2014 – Google announced that an SSL certificate (https://) would get an added advantage in the SERP.

In short, Google not only wanted to show relevant results to the user but also want to protect user’s information.

If you are not aware about SSL certificate, Let’s have a short brief about the SSL Certificate-

An SSL Certificate provides an additional security layer to protect visitors sensitive information. It creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. So, whenever a user comes on an HTTPs website and shares any information like username etc, it will be not exposed to anyone.

How an SSL Certificate Can Boost Your SEO

Additional SEO factor

As we mentioned above, HTTPS will give extra points while counting your SEO activates. However, its hard to judge the real impact of SSL on SEO. It’ll give you an additional advantage over your competitors who don’t have certificates yet.


Website traffic is important for any business to get more leads and sales. A secured and trusted website get more traffic over time and that means more conversion and money. As mentioned above, SSL is a crucial part of SEO, so now it’s also essential for website traffic.


When a website user comes on your website and sees a security warning as ‘Not secure’, he immediately stops his transaction on your website. HTTPS means a secured website. HTTPs creates more traffic, more trusted users which will lead more conversion as well.

Remove Security Warning

As you know, Google is pushing webmasters to install HTTPs, now he added an additional step towards ‘HTTPS everywhere’ by showing a security warning to all non-https website.

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