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What is Code Signing?

Code Signing is the method in which a certificate-based digital signature is used to sign scripts and executables so that one can verify the identity of the author and make sure that the code has not been corrupted as it was signed by the author himself. The basic purpose of using this technique is to keep your data away from the reach of the hackers and give it proper protection against cyber attacks.


What is Code Signing Certificate and how does it work?

Nowadays, a code signing certificate is the need of the hour in order to keep you and your device safe from potentially compromised or harmful software. Though our lives have become so much easier with the advent of digital age, Malware and malicious code are still one of the most serious threats for us. The method of code signing helps users and the other software in determining that whether the software can be trusted or not. It is supported on all the major operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows etc. and on all the web browsers as well so as to protect your reputation and intellectual property.

In order to properly understand the advantages of a code signing certificate, it is important for you to know what this term actually stands for. 

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Why Code Signing Certificate? Benefits of Code Signing Certificates

  • Digitally sign 32-bit or 64-bit Portable Executable
  • Create a trusted sales outlet
  • Ensure authenticity
  • Ensure integrity
  • Widely supported
  • Verifies publisher’s identity
  • Verifies integrity of content
  • Safeguards software from tampering
  • Improves customer confidence
  • Improves software downloads
  • Avoids Windows error messages
  • Protects the reputation of software publisher
  • Creates a trusted software distribution outlet

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How does Code Signing work?

To know the work procedure of Code signing in a proper manner, you need to first understand some points–

  1. In the process of Public Key Encryption, the key that encodes the message and the key that decodes it both are different and that is why it is also known as asymmetrical encryption. During this procedure, one key is made extensively available while the other one is kept private to ensure the security of the message. It is based on private keys retained safely from those who would intercept messages.
  2. Another important term to keep in mind is Hash Function which is meant to be one-way as it uses a mathematical function that changes the values in an irreversible manner. The hash function is used only when you need a set value and does not want to read the information the second time. One of the perfect examples is the Login passwords as websites mostly hash them for storage and to protect the data from breaching.

There is a reason why many people are opting for the code signing process since it assures the full safety of their website from any kind of online danger in the future. Code signing verifies about the real author of the software and then confirms that the software has not been tampered with since it was signed. With the help of code signing, the source of your software is verified and authenticated before the downloading and there is no malicious modification of the contents. If you have the best code signing certificates in order to ensure the proper and accurate safety of your website, you not only safeguard your site from any danger but also protect the reputation of your company. Never forget the fact that a cheap code sign certificate is the best method for web developers to be sure that the program they are about to install is not illegitimate.

Since the internet users need absolute assurance that they can trust downloads and websites, the need for a cheap code signing certificate is unavoidable. It allows the IT developers to sign their software digitally before it gets distributed on the web and makes sure that the software does not come from a malicious hacker.