What is a Macro Virus Attack? How does it Works?
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What is a macro virus attack?

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What is a Macro Virus Attack? How to Avoid Them?

What is a macro virus attack?

It destructs the software, not the system is the main aim of the macro virus attack. The most common software to prepare a macro virus attack is Microsoft Excel and word.  The reason behind it is that they target the software rather than targeting the system. It has the supremacy to infect only the operating system of the computer. Therefore, it can infect a PC or Mac.


The word macro in the attack exists because it’s written in the macro language. The macro language in other words means it is a premium facility language that enables you to use the automatic combination in the particular application. This acts as a helping hand for Word and Excel for running smoothly and freely. But some codes will white-wash the application.


The virus triggers the macro language and inputs them into the automatic process of the attack. The infected software with the virus is forcibly asked to create files, destruct the data, change text, transfer files, reset the hard drive, put images and navigate all others in the kind of creating damage with the help of the other types of malware virus.


How does it work?

The working of the macro virus attack is that they club all the malicious code and input it into the data files for instance document and spreadsheet. The attack gets activated after the file is opened by the user and it keeps on infecting other files along with it. Its main and common triggering area is around Microsoft Word.


This leads to software like Microsoft word and excel disable the macros unless you download a malicious program it will trigger you to switch on the macros. The following situation will trigger the virus more payload.


Macro viruses cannot act more dangerously than ransomware attacks as a result of the data that is stored but they can still take damage. The worst part is the macro virus attack can run automatically and hide at a particular place and runs silently so that the victim doesn’t get to know that he is being infected with the macro virus attack.


The prevention for the macro virus attack is with the help of the power antivirus software that gives you an alert for the attack. With the help of Avast Free Antivirus, you can block all the attack that is incoming which you don’t see it coming before they create any havoc or disaster.


Programs that are affected by this attack –

There are some software’s that get affected they are software that is used by the user on a higher scale that is Microsoft office and is frequently aimed. This makes the issue very common as Microsoft office has taken numerous other preventions against the macro virus attack. Macro gets switch on automatically in Microsoft and gives out pop-ups before you switch on macro.


The social engineer acts as a helping hand for the cybercriminals to create the attack and spread it all over. The hacker will try to spread the macro virus in attachments to the known contacts and this as a result will spread all around. The name of the file is kept mom or dad so the user will have positivity for opening the file even though it has an attack ready for dinner for the user. The hacker plays with the user’s emotion and we get played along with that this is human nature. Anything that is been received from our friends or family is always positive, there is no chance that it can be a macro virus attack.


After you are infected in the first place, it will pave the way towards your whole device and destruct everything.

How to prevent the macro virus attack?

Now Microsoft office switches off a macro automatically. Unless and until you don’t switch the macro on then there are no chances that you will be facing the macro virus attack. If there are notification or pop-ups that says or tries to manipulate you for turning macros on then pass it don’t take immediate action regarding such a situation. Be clear with your doubt before taking any further action for turning macros on.


Be aware of the attachment that you receive that you didn’t think you will receive. Even just for fun you open and download the file that was infected you are gone but see to it the senders’ name is written or not and also check the security details of the sender.


Be very sure about what you use to prevent yourself from the said attack such as credentials for all the accounts. If there takes place a data breach and your credential are passed on to the hacker you are done. The hacker uses several accounts at a time to spread the virus attack to several users.


For being protected from all the sides of the walls adopt a robust antivirus program to keep your confidential information safe.


Symptoms for macro virus attack

The uncertain things you will supervise while you use are some of them stated below –

– a device running slow

– unusual strange error messages

– downloaded files asking for credential when they usually don’t need

– device saving document as template files


Many citizens viewed files from strangers with scepticism in the early 2000s. However, plenty of us hasn’t seen a macro virus in years, according to scientists. Even if the dangers remain, we’ve let our collective guard down. To keep your business secure, be careful about any software.

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