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Unlimited Web Hosting With Free SSL

We have collected some of most popular and trusted web hosting providers with free SSL Certificate when you buy their hosting plans. Now, you don’t need to buy an SSL Certificate because these web host companies offering SSL Certificate.

There are many host provider available in the world including UK, Russia, USA, India and all over the world where you can get SSL Certificate for free with hosting service.

Provider Name Hosting Features SSL Features Rating Pricing


Unmetered bandwidth

100% uptime SLA

WordPress & other apps included

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Guarantee of Quality

Upto 256-bit Encryption

Domain Validation

Online Validation

Free Static Site Seal

Free 24/7 Technical Support

SSL Rating


Hosting Rating



1 Domain free for 12 months

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Storage

SSL Certificate

Secure Data Centers

Up to 256-bit SSL encryption

Address bar display

Easy to activate on your website

Protection against phishing

More customers, more sales

SSL Rating


Hosting Rating


Beyond Hosting

Easy Scalability

Daily Server Backups

100% Network Uptime

1-Click Install

DDoS Protection

Standard SSL certificate

Domain Validation

Online Validation

Prove Your Website Authenticity

Free 24/7 Technical Support

SSL Rating


Hosting Rating



Free Domain Forever

SSD-Only Cloud

Daily Backups

Unmetered Traffic

Free Cloudflare CDN

Strong Security

Quick Installation

Free Site Seal

Phishing Check

Browsers Compatibility

SSL Rating


Hosting Rating


Benefits of Unlimited Web Hosting with Free SSL:

1. Cost-Effective: Getting a free SSL certificate bundled with your hosting plan saves you the expense of purchasing it separately.

2. Security: SSL certificates enhance your website’s security by encrypting data transmissions, protecting both your users’ information and your site’s reputation.

3. SEO Advantage: Search engines like Google prioritize websites with SSL certificates in search results, giving you a competitive edge in terms of visibility and ranking.

4. User Trust: Displaying the padlock icon and “https://” in the browser’s address bar signals to users that your website is secure and trustworthy, increasing user confidence.

5. Convenience: Bundling SSL with hosting simplifies the setup process. Hosting providers often offer automatic installation and renewal of SSL certificates.

6. Scalability: Unlimited hosting provides room for growth. You can host additional websites or scale up your existing sites without limitations.

7. Performance: Unlimited bandwidth ensures smooth performance, even during traffic spikes or high user activity.


1. Quality of Hosting: While the offer of unlimited hosting and free SSL is appealing, ensure that the hosting provider offers reliable uptime, good customer support, and necessary features like cPanel, one-click installations, etc.

2. Server Resources: Some unlimited hosting plans may have hidden limits on server resources like CPU and RAM usage. It’s essential to understand the terms and conditions of the plan.

3. Type of SSL: Some hosting providers may offer basic DV SSL certificates for free, while higher-tier SSL options like OV and EV may come at an additional cost.

4. Renewal Costs: While the initial SSL certificate might be free, be aware of any renewal costs associated with the SSL certificate after its initial validity period.