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Individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and anyone in-between are always on the lookout to find the best website security solution. For ecommerce or large business, choosing an appropriate security is really a big deal. For a startup, basic website or small business, a standard or DV SSL Certificate might be used, but when it comes to online business or financial organization, highest security level and consumer trust is extremely crucial.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is the one that provides the highest level of security and encryption and mostly used by an organization using HTTPS. The identity of the website owner is verified and after that certificate will be issued. EV SSL certificate helps to protect the website from phishing attacks, email frauds, or any other cyber-attacks. A proper surety is provided by EV SSL certificate to the business owner websites which helps to build the trust of users. In the URL of the business websites, a security sign will be displayed along with the business name which assures users of the actuality of the business.

The padlock sign, green text bar, and display of business name in the address bar are the signs which prove that website is secure and encrypted. All this will display after the issuance and installation of the certificate. Large businesses and e-commerce websites can choose EV SSL certificates. The certificate shows a secure site seal to the customers so that users will not hesitate to do transactions and mention information on the website.

Which EV SSL I Should Use?

It depends on your requirement, the types of your business. For example, if you want to guard a single domain, EV SSL Certificate probably be the most convenient but when you are looking to protect multiple domains with a single SSL than EV Multi Domain SSL will be familiar to you.

Specific Visual Clues with EV SSL Certificate

Green in the address bar

Company name and padlock in the address bar

https:// at the beginning of the address

Company information in the certificate details

Requirements to Obtain an EV SSL

Verifying the legal rights to use the domain

Verifying the physical address of the requesting entity

Verifying the legal status of the requesting entity

Verifying the operational status of the requesting entity

Verifying the organization’s ownership with telephone call

Cheap EV SSL Certificate Providers 2023

CA & Certificate Name Primary Features Technical Features Reliability Rating Pricing

Enterprise EV

Highest Validation

Displays Company Name

Unlimited Server Licenses

$2,000,000 warranty

30-Day Refund Policy

Improves Search Engine Ranking

Green Bar of Trust™

Higher sales conversion

2048+ Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption

Free 24/7 Technical Support

Price Rating


Trust Rating


$239.50 /yr

Comodo EV SSL

Secure Single Domain

High Assurance

$1,750,000 Warranty

Unlimited Reissue

15 Days Refund

Upto 256-bit Encryption

Green Address Bar

99.9% Browser Ubiquity

Dynamic Site Seal

24x7 Customer Support

Price Rating


Trust Rating


$75.88 /yr

True BusinessID EV

Business identity authentication

$1.5M USD warranty

Dynamic Secured Seal trustmark

Issued in 1-3 days

Extended Validated

Green Bar of Trust™

Increased Website Conversions

Supports RSA encryption algorithms

Free 24/7 Technical Support

Price Rating


Trust Rating


$149 /yr


Secures www & non-www Versions

99.9% Browser Recognition Rate

Increase customer confidence

Symmetric 256-bit encryption

Unlimited server licensing

2048-bit public key encryption

Green Bar of Trust

Increased Website Conversions

$1,000,000 Warranty

Free 24/7 Technical Support

Price Rating


Trust Rating


$234 /yr


The green light to shop

Shows business is legitimate

Boosts Google ranking

Protects 1 website

Security trust seal

SHA-2 hash algorithm and 2048-bit encryption

Outstanding security support

Increased Website Conversions

Up to USD $1M warranty

30-day money-back guarantee

Price Rating


Trust Rating


$239.50 /yr

Validation Process of EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL certificate validation process takes more time and shows high strictness as compared to DV and OV SSL certificates. The business domain is firstly verified by the CA (Certificate Authority) via the domain registrar’s information checking method. A list of business documents is asked by the CA to submit after verification of the domain. CA will only approve the certificate request if the business documents are completely and perfectly pass the EV validation guidelines.

Benefits of Purchasing EV SSL Certificate

There are several benefits of buying an EV SSL certificate:

Major phishing attacks and hacking of the data can be protected.

Properly secure and encrypt business and online running websites.

Organization name displayed in URL.

The time of issuance of the certificate is 1-5 days.

Perfect for business validation.

Provide encryption of about 256-bit.

Helps to raise the conversion rates of transaction.

9% compatible with web and mobile browsers.

Lower shipping card abandonment.

An unlimited number of server licenses.

Who Should Buy EV SSL Certificate?

The online running websites of the business owners who deal with the customer’s payment details, transactions, sensitive data, etc., should buy EV SSL certificate. This certificate is compatible with all the applications that need high security and more fear of getting hacked. For example – banking sites, top brands sites, financial institutions sites, etc., select EV SSL certificate. An EV SSL certificate is a right choice for some other web platforms like e-commerce, social media, health care, government, and insurance sites.

EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate is the one which provides security and encryption to the websites of large business and e-commerce. It will help to protect the website from hackers and phishing attacks. It gives strong encryption of 256-bit. The business organization needs to validate itself in front of a certificate authority (CA). All the document verification and domain validation of the business are done by CA. It may take 2-5 business days but once the EV SSL certificate is issued and install then the purchaser’s website does not have any risk related to information security.