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The word SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In today’s world, SSL is the most widely used security protocol. The SSL is an internet protocol which is used for securing data transfer between the user’s browser and the official website. When the web browser needs to connect with web server then SSL is typically used.


The SSL technically establish a secure session. The information which every internet user transfers when they visit some websites. The information can be like payment details, credit card information or login details.

When you are using a normal HTTP protocol then your information can be hacked but at the same time you can use SSL. Every website needs to issue an SSL certificate from the recognized certificate issuing authority.


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To secure online transactions.

To secure login credentials.

To secure any information which is exchanged on the online platform.

To secure information of Email and applications like Outlook web access etc.

To secure the connection between the Email client and Email server.

To secure the information of HTTP and FTPs services.

To secure your data connections.

To secure your personal information.



The SSL certificate is recommended for internet websites. The SSL certificate is most important for the websites which include information like login details, payment details, etc.


The SSL certificate creates a good and positive impression of your brand among the users as well as SSL secure the information of your brand. If your website is not using an SSL certificate, then Google will show that your website is not secure.


There are some reasons due to which SSL certificate is important which are as follows –


Stops information theft: The information which you basically upload on the website, it goes through various channels of computers. Then because of this situation, your information can be changed if SSL is not applied.


The SSL encrypts your information and no one can edit or change the original information if SSL is applied. The information with an SSL certificate is applied can only be access and edit by the one who has the encryption key.


Provides a sense of security: The SSL secured websites provide a sense of security to the users who are visiting your websites. In today’s world, everyone has knowledge about the stealing of information so it is important to secure your information while using an SSL certificate.


The SSL ensures that your information is safe and people who are visiting your website build confidence about the brand and the information which you have provided.


The necessity of online payments: There is a necessity for those who are running an e-commerce website and taking online or credit card payments to have an SSL certificate. It is very important to see that the online websites through which we are transferring payments should be encrypted and SSL is applied to that.


Mandatory in 2018: For the security and safety of the information, Google has made it mandatory for all the websites to have an SSL certification issued by the end of 2017. This change will affect not just an e-commerce website but all websites like online food websites, any lawyer website, etc.



The SSL works by using Public-key cryptography. Public key cryptography is the key which has two types of keys named as the private key and public key. These keys transmit secure data between the two systems. The main work of these keys is decoding and encoding the data.


The user first connects to the website to enable SSL services.

The user sends a request application to exchange its own public key to the server’s public key.

This public key provides the encryption of information and people can only read the information provided by the brand.

The application uses the server’s public key when the user sends the message to the server.

In the end when the server receives the message it can decrypt it by using the private key.



There is no fixed cost of an SSL certificate. It can differ from one certificate authority to another. The cost of an SSL certificate can be approx. between $5-200 per year.


If some providers give additional services on the SSL certificate, then it may affect the cost of the SSL certificate. One of the largest and best authority which provides SSL certificate is Comodo.



There are many WordPress hosts that offer free SSL certificates. Free SSL certificates become more accessible. In today’s world, WordPress is hosting free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. The Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit project which is providing free SSL certification. There are some of the WordPress providers who are offering free SSL certificates.


Bluehost –The Bluehost costs only a few bucks per month. This offers a range of WordPress hosting plans which are suitable for anyone. The plans provide you with the free SSL certificate and free domain. Even providing the free SSL certificate, the Bluehost ensures the software update so that all the security features are up to date.


HostGator– In the present time, HostGator is also providing free SSL certificate plans. It is recognized by most of the browsers. The HostGator provides various services as the premium certificates come with warranties, higher domain limits and more. The best part of HostGator is that you can upgrade your SSL certificate.


SiteGround – SiteGround offers a free SSL certificate of WordPress hosting with every single plan. It also gives you many services and it’s a high hitter in the industry.


DreamHost –The DreamHost is a less known hosting provider. The company is providing the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on every single plan. The company offers the proper safety and security of the information.


WPEngine – The WPEngine is providing free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate which comes with free on every plan and uploads in a few minutes. The installation is very easy for every free SSL certificate.

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There are many sources through which you can get the free SSL certificate: –

Let’s Encrypt – The Let’s Encrypt is created by the collaboration of Linux Foundation with the Internet Security Research Group. The Let’s Encrypt provides you with the free SSL certificate domain and renews the SSL certificate automatically. You don’t have to do any manual work like renewing, installing, etc.


CAcert free Certificate authority – The CAcert is a free SSL certificate provider. But the CAcert provides certification for the limited time period. There are 6 months, 12 months or 24 months’ certification plans from which you have to choose the plan according to your convenience.


Comodo – The Comodo offers a 90 days free SSL certificate trial plan. After completion of 90 days of SSL certification either you have to drop the plan or you have to purchase the plan and pay the SSL certificate cost.


Cloudflare – The Cloudflare provides a universal free SSL certificate. The Cloud Fare ensures that your data or information will be secure. The Cloudflare installs an SSL certificate in about 5 minutes. Many popular websites like Mozilla, Reddit, etc., are using Cloudflare for SSL certification.



SSL certificate secures the information which cannot be edit by anyone.

Users are more confident in web services.

The users are aware that their data is safe and transmit securely.

The Enterprises with SSL certificates get higher trust and retention of the customers.

The data theft becomes less and the data is no longer at risk.

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