ASV Scan | What is PCI ASV Vulnerability Scan
PCI ASV Vulnerability Scan

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Complete Guide to PCI ASV Vulnerability Scan

A Vulnerability Scan is a complete process of scanning, analyzing, identifying the issues or vulnerabilities relating to the security, network, applications, or database of your system. So, What is a Vulnerability?

If we are to talk in the computer technology and security terms, then the vulnerability is anything disturbed by the traducer that has led to causes number of weaknesses in the system, in order for traducer to make this happen, they should know the techniques to exploit that weakness. If further explained, vulnerability is when the system loses its power to defend the security of its system.

What is ASV Scan?

ASV stands for Approved Scanning Vendors Scan. It is an associate degree external vulnerability scan allowed to check whether or not the organizations or companies are following the regulations and requirements as provided by ‘PCI DSS Requirement’.

Now, what a PCI DSS does, is that it adds the merchant to the list of all the accepted scanning vendors. It does this during the process of scanning the tools and the services providing security. This process done by PCI DSS is called ‘ASV SCAN’. It basically helps the vendors to be added as one of the approved merchants.


What does PCI DSS means?

PCI DSS stands for ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard’. It is a security standard that is set for all companies or organizations working online. Its work is to take care of all the cards that are making transactions online follow the rules and regulations set by the particular payment card industry. These requirements are applicable to everyone ranging between all the service providers present in the market. In this era, of the increasing cybercrimes, it becomes one of the requirements to set the standards, so that the traducers do not misuse the information of any client or visitors, visiting a service provider’s site.

Therefore, it becomes a prerequisite for each one of the organizations to accept payments to go through the scanning process by an approved scan vendor. This process includes the all-rounder scanning, internal as well as external, and this whole process is known as ‘ASV Vulnerability Scan’.

In order to make your website secure for all the transactions you should complete the steps mentioned below:

First and foremost, do this whole scanning process, that is asl vulnerability scan.

If during the scan you come across any error or issue, then resolve it.

Always, employ or make use of the ‘Approved PCI Scanning Vendor’.

Lastly, do not forget to submit the transaction data to your bank.


How do make my organization eligible for ASV Scan?

In contemplation of making your organization eligible for the ASV Scanning process, it has to ratify the requirements and regulations provided by PSI Security Standard Council. Primarily, any organization looking forward to being approved by PCI SSC is required to have a legal license to work. If your organization is a legalized entity, then you should proceed by registering with the PCI SSC. This registration process consists of the following processes:

Analysis and evaluation of the ASVs requirement guide.

Following on with the registration process for testing.

Furnishing the administration with all the attested details about your organization.

After this, your application goes under the reviewing process.

Then the scanning test is conducted for the issues and vulnerabilities as soon as the test fee is paid and also for the client engagement test is also done.

Then, just like in school we used to get results after the test, likewise, the council either passes you or fails your application on the basis of the test.

If your organization manages to pass the test, then you will see yourself in the ‘Approved vendors list’.

All the organizations under this list, are re-analyzed on the yearly basis to main the ASV Scan standard.

Lastly, every organization or company is eligible to give three attempts in a test because after that the organization is put on the waiting list for a certain amount of time period.

PCI ASV incorporates documented data that the organizations should obey. The organization, which is looking for scanning should keep in mind that although the details about the issue are sent to you any issues are ought to be handled by each organization on its own and not to pass them to PCI SSC. Moreover, the issues are enclosed in the report after the last scan is done. The clients are always advised not to alter the report provided by PCI SSC. This report encloses the data relating to where the vulnerability was detected, that led to the failure of the scanning process.

Lastly, the corporates are suggested to mend the issues inflicting the failure and put the new application for testing and scanning process and to continue this process until the scan test comes out to be positive.


In the nutshell, here are a few tips to take care of while choosing the better and right ‘PCI ASV’. Firstly, all the PCI ASV differs from each other in a lot of things. These things range from the availability of scanning tools to the reviews about better scanning reports provided by them. There are many fake PCI ASV also that might just strip your money and would provide you with a false scanning report.

It’s better to do thorough research before trusting any particular PCI ASV because you need to take care of which PSI ASV best suits your organization’s requirements. And also which PSI ASV provides better reports and has better scanning engines. Always go through the reviews of the people on certain PSI ASV before making the decisions. If you are tight on budget, then when you will go on the search of finding a better PCI ASV you will come across that there are companies that provide free, you could go for them.

Lastly, be sure and wise and ask the necessary question to the selected PCI ASV, to make sure that it fits your organization’s needs.

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