Internet Connection Issues - How Fix Internet Connection Problems in PC
How to Solve Internet Connection Problems?

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How to Solve Internet Connection Problems?

The Internet has become a part of life these days as everyone is using the internet these days. It has fulfilled the communication gap between people because this one person from a corner of the world is connected to the person from another corner of the world. So it has connected people through social media and nowadays everyone is on social media platforms and it has made life very simple in many different ways. Through the internet you can gain knowledge from anywhere around the globe by sitting at your home only. You need only a smartphone and a sim card and that’s it, and you become a user of the internet.


The Internet is having lots of information about everyone, but imagine if there will be any connection error and how you will solve that problem because nowadays the internet is very important for everyone. If something went wrong with your internet connection, it would affect your life. So to solve your problems regarding internet connections there are some major points or we can say major connection problems with their best possible solution are listed below: –

(1) Sometimes when you try to open any website, it doesn’t load the website and shows an error so in this case, it is possible that the website server causes this problem and it has nothing to do with your internet connection. So you should wait and try again to open the website which will help you spread the website. Sometimes, heavy traffic on that site can also be a problem because your website is not opening.


(2) If you are using any modem or router then for internet connection any your internet is not working properly then it can be the fault of the modem or router because there can be traffic on that network because of which you are not able to surf on the internet. So you should check the router if there is green light blinking then your network speed is normal and if it shows orange light then there is some problem as well as in the modem also if it shows green light then there is a normal network and if it shows orange light then there is definitely some network issue because of which your internet is not working properly and you are unable to surf on internet


(3) If you are using a computer for surfing on the internet and the website is not opening and you have tried the things mentioned and then it is not opening. Still, if you tried opening that thing on another computer then you can open it properly. In this case the problem is with that particular computer only; there can be any virus or malware in the computer due to which this problem is arising. So you should quickly scan your computer with an antivirus and make your computer safe from these types of viruses.


(4) If your connection is not working properly, you should go to Start menu and open the Command Prompt. In the command prompt, you should write ping or any ping and run this command, sending packets to that particular address to verify. Web server sends back a message to you and if it sends all the packets, then your network connection is good and if some packets are missing, then there is some network issue that you cannot access that address.

These were some significant and important points which are common these days due to which you suffer from internet connection problems. Still, there are some mistakes which also create these internet problems, like if you are using a router for using the internet then you should always check the cables first that they are connected properly or not because many time this mistake is observed due to which the internet is not working on the computer.


If you are using smart phone then you should check your network first that your mobile network is strong or weak because internet is all about a network if there will be weak network then it will not run properly and if the connection is strong then it will run properly. If your modem is creating problems, you should again try to connect that modem to your personal computer. This thing may also help you and you can restart your computer if any kind of problem arises due to your computer. You should always keep an antivirus in your computer to save the computer from viruses or malware, affecting the internet connection in many different ways.


If you trying to load any website and it shows error message and you want to know that why it is not opening then you should first see which error message it is showing if it is showing error 401, 402, 403 or any error which starts with 4 then this means that the problem is from the user side which means that the problem is from your site and there is no fault of the website server and if it shows error 501, 502, 503 or any error which starts from 5 then this means that the error is from the website server-side and this problem is nothing to do with your network connection. So you should not panic in this matter and observe the things carefully which will help you solve your problem by yourself without the help of anyone because every problem has a solution.


So you should keep all these points in mind and then follow them as told and it is for sure that your problem will be solved in a few minutes and you will get access to the internet again and you can do whatever you want to do.

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