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what is domain phishing

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What is Domain Phishing? A Complete Guide

What is Domain Phishing?

It is a method through which the hackers or the middle man gathers your personal information using Emails and Deceptive sites which exactly looks like the original site. The word Phishing sounds like Fishing but F is replaced with Ph but the work of both words is somewhat the same. One is used for taking out the fish from the water and another one is used for collecting the personal information from the user or the client without their permission through Emails and Fake websites.

This is an increasingly sophisticated form of cyber-attack, and we should know about it in detail to be aware of this type of fraud that can be done to you.

The goal of phishing is to trick an email recipient and to believe that the message is something which they want or need and provide you many kinds of links or attachments which you have to open and through which they can gather your personal information which you have entered on through opening their link. The message can look very professional and it will be very well written and the matter or content of the Email will be so strong that you will believe it easily and click on it. The hackers are very well at writing that content which would appeal to your mind to click on it and check it.


So the questions arise now that how we can identify that it is a fake Email or Website through noticing some important points which are listed below –

❖  One of the most common things which have been noticed is that many times they send you an Email in which it will be written that your account has been hacked and the user gets panic after reading this and doesn’t read the full content and click on the link which the hackers have sent in the mail. So this is how they are trapped; you cannot be fooled if you read the full mail carefully because most of the time, the content of the mail is not as much professional; it is just rubbish written over there.


❖  The second one is that you will get an email regarding your password reset and it will be professional as it can be copied from any platforms and drafted very neatly and when you click on that link which the hacker has created and then try to reset your password then you are trapped in his trap. Knowing that this exact looking  Email is fake or real, when you click on the link it will take you to the site which the hackers are making and it will be the same. So you have to check the URL of that domain and you should also see that it is having an SSL Certificate or not; you will automatically get to know that the website is real or fake.


❖  The third way which the hackers use is that they send payment requests through Email. The Email contains specific information about the target company. It sends a genuine and good written email that looks the original one and ask you for some payment and there will be link to do the payment. After opening the link you will enter your bank account no and password which the hacker will get automatically and you will become bankrupt in one minute. So you should know your company very well not to get involved in this fraud and if something like this happens then contact your customer care, you will automatically get to know about it that is fake or real.


❖   The fourth way is the Email which you get is about charity donation which will be sent to you for the charity purpose by the hacker it will be written and look like it is a real charitable firm which wants money and you should donate to this company and you will then click on that link for the payment and you will enter your bank account no. and password and your whole personal information will be shared to the hacker because the Email sent to you as a fraud.  For this, you can check the charity firm on Google and if it exists, you should also contact that charity firm employee or members-only you should pay after conforming about the charitable firm.


❖  The last thing through which they can fool is by creating a fake website like the original one. It will look the same. You will not be able to identify unless and until you check that the URL entered is correct or not, or you can see that the website is certified by Certificate Authority and has an SSL Certificate because the website which you are opening can copy the original website through where the hacker can steal your private information very quickly and access for their purpose.


These are some points to explain to you how it works and how they can easily make a fool of us. Please read it carefully and follow these steps if any email you see because these hackers can fool anyone.

Domain Phishing is considered a crime in India and as well as in the whole world also. If anyone found to be guilty of that then he/she will be imprisoned for many years; it may differ from country to country but, undoubtedly, the suspect will not set free if found guilty for his/her crime.

The readers should be careful about any mail which come to them they should not respond to that or should complain into the law authorities which deal with these type of crimes, you should not avoid that mail you should complain that nobody else can fall in their trap quickly which will help others by not becoming a victim of that domain phishing and this will make you a responsible citizen who cares about the society.

Be Safe and Secure

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